Monday, July 25, 2016

MAINE {day 3}

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Day 2 here

Good morning! I hope the weekend was good to you. We took it pretty easy and caught up on rest- both Ryan and Natalie having been napping hard and going to bed early since we returned. Traveling is tough on adults, so it's definitely tiring for little people!

This week, I'm going to recap the rest of our trip, share what we learned about traveling with two littles, and celebrate a certain 5 month old and TWO year old! It will be a full week of posts this week!

Maine- Day 3

On our third day, we took it easy in the morning and enjoyed some time in the hot tub (or warm tub with Ryan in it) ;) while Natalie napped and the rain passed.

Then we set out for a family hike, but the rain started again on our way up the mountain, so we decided to keep driving for a bit and take in the views from the car. We passed our originally planned hiking spot while it was raining, and rather than trying to get back to it, we decided we would just try a different location higher up the mountain. As we would soon find out, this proved to be our first mishap of the morning.

Getting ready to go in the wrap for our hike!

The start (and the best part... haha)- so pretty!
I mentioned this on Instagram, but using a backpack as our diaper bag on this trip was SO convenient! I'm seriously considering making Jansport a part of my everyday attire. #notafashionblogger

Soon after this picture, we were on our way up a path that we thought was leading to a different location than it was. To make a long story short, we ended up turning around at some point and making our way back to the start, totaling about a 2 hour hike through off-and-on rain. Man! There isn't cell reception on most parts of the mountain, so we couldn't easily check the hike that we thought we were on to see where we were heading (and remember it was a last minute switch from the one Matt had planned and we had passed during the rain as we drove up the mountain). Anyway, we made the most of the two hours (to be clear- that's a long time) singing Old MacDonald and counting to 20 over and over and over again. ;) Matt and I were in "parent go-mode" focusing on getting back to the right place, but afterward we couldn't believe how well both kids did for that long- in the RAIN! I'll be honest, if it were just me and Matt and no kids, I probably would have been complaining for a good portion of the time. Just saying.

This was us back in the car after the hike. I just remember being so glad we were at this point and that both kids held it together so well.

During nap time, Matt went back out to do a hike that he had read about and wanted to try. The warning sign at the front of the hike would be enough for me to turn around! 
"Falls on this mountain have resulted in serious injury and death."

It's a good thing I didn't know this before he left!

Here he is at the top. I have to say, I was impressed with his selfie skills in this shot- ha!

After nap, we went exploring for crabbies on the beach... and Ryan wanted to bring his backpack- because you never know when you might need something important from your backpack. :)

On this night, we decided to cook in and put the kids down early so that we could enjoy a date night on the patio and watch the sunset. So I made a quick spaghetti, we got the kids bathed and down, and then Matt and I enjoyed some time just the two of us. It was so nice!

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing pictures from our last day, and then on Wednesday, I'll share what we learned about traveling with two small kids on this trip. If you're hoping to take a trip with your own kiddos and have specific things you're curious about (airport, car, hotel, gear, etc.), feel free to comment below or email me at We're only one trip in on this traveling with two babies thing, but I'm happy to share whatever I can to hopefully make it easier for other families who want to give it a go!

See you tomorrow!


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