Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Natalie Grace- 10 Months

This sweet little lady reached two big milestones this month with pulling up and saying "Dada!" We love how she sticks her tongue out when she says it and pumps her lips with no sound at first as if getting herself ready for the word. And now that she is pulling up, she loves to practice it on everything- we love seeing her determination!

Poor thing worked through her first real cold this month and got two top teeth on top of being sick, so she was a trooper! I feel like you can even tell in her pictures from her 10 month day that she just wasn't her totally happy self. We are so glad she is feeling better!

Riley's birthday part at the gym was the first place Natalie pulled up all of her own. She loved this little ring!

Look at me!


She has started playing at the mall playground too instead of watching her brother from the stroller. I love watching her explore... even if those carpets are not super ideal for crawling on... as she sticks her fingers in her mouth in this picture ;)

Her expressions crack us up! Like this look she's giving as her daddy is being totally goofy behind her.

When she laughs or wants to get your attention, she makes a noise that sounds like a cough (we say a smoker's cough actually, hah!). It is the funniest sound coming out of her little body. She does this a lot to Ryan in the car is she's looking at him and he's looking straight ahead. She'll keep "coughing" until he looks at her and then she'll laugh (which is just faster coughing sounds- haha)

Checking out Priscilla the Pig at The Pink Pig!

First Pink Pig ride!

Snuggles with her Papa with her Great Papa in the background :)

Thanksgiving Day

Look at me! I stood up all by myself!

Girlfriend has still not gotten over the excitement of riding in the cart like a big girl. She makes this face just about every time people look at her while we shop. She is so funny.

Heyyy from the bath! :)

These two crack me up. This was our nightly routine in December- bath and then play on our bed until daddy got home. Who knew piling up pillows and hiding in them could be so entertaining?!

Ryan loved getting in this red car with Nonni. Albeit more than Nonni loved it ;) but at this particular moment, she was checking him out and he was grinning and her wanting to be in the car with him. Girlfriend has places to GO, so she does not like for stationary moments to last long!

Waking up sleeping beauty from her morning nap so we could get to the doctor.

Natalie mid-grin and Ryan mid-conversation... their typcial looks ;)

All bundled up at the Botanical Garden Night of Lights!

Lunch date with my two favorite little people

First Christmas tree!

A few nights this month, she joined us for our "Milk & Stories" times before bed. Ryan loved having her sit in the chair with him, even if "sitting" only lasted a few seconds!

And then is a rare moment of tiredness, she got super still and snuggled in with Ryan while we read. Such a sweet little moment!

She was so curious about Santa this year...

...and clearly totally comfortable with him :)

Love these sweet shots that our friend Megan got of Natalie and the kids together. Sweet girl was still not feeling great, so she wasn't flashing her big smiles, but I love her concentration and sweet little expressions in these photos.

Happy 10 Months, Sweet Girl! We love you!!!



  1. Natalie is just the cutest little thing, even when she's not at the top of her game- still adorable! Sad to hear she had a crummy month leading up to 10 with being sick & getting teeth�� but yay for pulling ourself up now! Love the pictures where she's looking up at Santa! Continue to enjoy all your moments with your adorable girl, which I'm sure you will! And of course happy 10 months to Noni girl!

    1. Thank you, Erin! We're are so glad she is completely back to her happy, healthy self! Hope your 2017 is off to a great start!