Thursday, December 15, 2016

December's Mid-Month Confessions

It's mid-month confessions time!

I'm going to call this edition: December makes me tired, and parenting is humbling.

Here goes:

Ryan and Natalie and I were playing on the floor while we were waiting for Matt to get home. I was laying on my back and lifting Natalie over my head like an airplane when she timed her spit up perfectly with being directly over my face. Warm, wet and sour all over my face and hair. And then Ryan said, "Nonni! Don't spit up on mommy's face!" I couldn't help but laugh (and then showered as soon as Matt got home).

Ryan is a passionate nose picker these days. I've tried to tell him to only pick when we're at the house and not in public, but there are only so many suggestions/rules that stick in a two-year-olds mind. So one day we were out and Ryan announced quite proudly, "I got a big boogie!" And then he held it up towards me and said, "Cheers!" (Naturally I did not have my own boogie to cheers back with, but that's another concept he hasn't entirely grasped quite yet.)

Have y'all seen The Big Short?! I'm pretty sure Matt and I have watched two movies in the last year, both of which we've seen in the last two months. Anyway, the first one we saw was The Big Short and it was SO good and so interesting! But it took us a good 3 hours to get through because we both watched it like it was a college class- pausing and talking through whatever was just explained about the stock market or inflated loans that were passed out leading up to the crash of '07. We totally got into it. #nerds

Also, side note, the other movie we watched in the middle of the day on our anniversary weekend (because nothing says you are kid-free like a last-minute decision to watch a movie in bed in the middle of the day) was Spotlight. I think it actually won Best Picture? Such a good movie!

One night this week, I was coughing in the middle of the night and grabbed my water that I keep on the side of the bed. But instead of setting it back down on the nightstand, I apparently set it on the bed right next to where I was laying and immediately fell back asleep. And I'm sure seconds later (but what felt like hours later) I woke back up to ice cold water pouring all over my back and the sheets around me. I was so confused and annoyed about what the heck was happening (Why is someone pouring cold water on me in the middle of the night?! Surely this is not my fault.) ;) but managed to grab some towels to sleep on before passing back out again. Mama is TIRED!

And one last sleeping story from Matt, who has a long list of crazy sleeping stories that have cooled some the longer we've been married. But one night recently, again in the middle of the night, he leaned over and tapped me and said, "Do you mind if I rub your back?" hahah, I think I said, "uh, no... but I think you're sleeping." and sure enough he rolled back over and fell back asleep.

That is all for December!
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Tonight we have Matt's Christmas party which starts around the time that I'm usually thinking about crawling into bed ;) so I'm thinking an afternoon cup of coffee is in the works for this mama today!

Have a good one!



  1. I can totally relate to the spit up situation and the water one as well! Both have happened to me!
    Haha. Hey I'm proud of myself for actually posting my confessions this month!

    1. Tired mamas unite! 😂 And loved reading your confessions!

  2. Started following your blog recently and reading these crack me up! I have a 1.5 year old and these sound so familiar to the kinds of things that happen in my house! Love it!

    1. So glad to have you around, Katie! I bet you are so excited to celebrate the holiday season with your little one this year!! 18 months is such a fun age! 😊