Friday, December 9, 2016

Life Lately + a WINNER

Does anyone else feel like this in December?!

I love this time of year, but boy is it a busy one! These two little loves of ours passed out on the way to visit Santa yesterday. There is something about sleeping babies that makes you pause and take in their smallness. In these moments, I realize how fast this stage of littleness is going to fly by and wish I could just freeze time!

We've been chipping away at our 12 Days of Christmas activity list this week with a Christmas PJ playdate, dance party, trip to see Santa, visit to the Botanical Gardens Night of Lights, and Christmas tree find. No wonder we're tired!

On Wednesday, we all got together at our house for our third annual matching PJ party with the kids. We made snowman ornaments, played a Christmas movie, ate grits casserole and cinnamon streusel, did a Christmas book exchange, read Christmas stories, and had a big dance party to some Christmas music from a burned CD that one of the girls made me in high school- classic Christmas songs from the early 2000s, featuring N 'Sync and Mariah Carey. ;)

My friend Stephanie posted this comparison on her IG account- look how much they've grown! And how much they've multiplied- HA! Love these kiddos and their mamas!

Botanical Gardens Night of Lights with Matt's family!

Sweet Nonni Girl and her daddy :)

Big boys on their daddy's shoulders!

Picking out our tree!

Natalie's first tree picking experience ;)

We had a little dance party one night this week and Ryan decided he wanted to party to be a nakey one. :)

Natalie's been joining us for milk and stories time before bed and Ryan has been so excited about it! We crack up though because girlfriend is BU-SY! I'm surprised this pictures was a still shot. ;)

The next night, Matt caught this picture while I was reading. Natalie was so tired and STILL! And Ryan was snuggling in with her- sweet love. Ryan had also asked to put a bandaid right where you see it for no apparent reason. Little people are funny.

On Sunday, we went to brunch with Santa with Matt's family:

Love these cousins! And how hilarious is this Santa?!

Natalie got tired and learned back to relax on Santa- sweet love.

Costco shopping with my little Tiger fans (Matt was driving to the FSU game, so I got to dress them both in Tiger gear) ;)

Bath time!

We usually play on the bed every night after bath while we wait for daddy to get home. 
And sometimes we take silly pictures :)

Grocery store shopping and capturing their personalities- Natalie mid-smile and Ryan mid-conversation.

I love early mornings at home watching these two play :)

Big boy walking in to see Santa :) Also, confession- I took the kids back to see Santa for a second time because the first pictures were strug. These turned out so cute AND no one was there, so Ryan got to talk with Santa for a long time!

And because I got so caught up in all of my gift guides last week, I completely forgot to share a few pics from Thanksgiving!

Matt took Ryan to Waffle House in the morning and Ryan wanted to bring his Bibles. :) Love Ryan's cheesy grin!

Thanksgiving at Mimi and Papa's!

Fun with Mimi and Papa!

And now the winner of the Christmas Chilren's Book Giveaway!

Congratulations, Emily B. You are the winner!
 I sent you an email this morning. :)

Whew, that was long. If you're still reading, hope you have a great weekend!


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