Friday, March 25, 2016

Natalie Grace- One Month

This baby girl is as sweet as they come.

One Month Stats:
9lbs 14oz

She enjoys spreading out her feeds during the day, gives long sleep stretches at night, and really only makes a fuss if she needs a new diaper or has a burp to get out. She is our sweet little dream baby and we are so in love with her!

It's funny that even at such a young age, I can already see her girly side coming out.
She does not like to have a dirty diaper and does not like being cold!

When we gave her her first bath, she was so content until we took her out, and then she let us know that she was not happy.


Here are some more pictures from here first month:

her first day home :)

first feed with daddy

first hair wash before she could get a full bath

first tutu ;)

first walk

outside time while her brother played

listening to her brother sing "twinkle twinkle" and "abc's"

story time at the library

a look she gets from her mama, hah

Bless this angel baby! We love her so much!



  1. Oh my. I love that sweet girl so much! Love those little glares she gives-ha!

  2. She is the sweetest thing. Your are truly blessed.

  3. So many cute pics!!! She's precious <33

    Edye //

  4. Natalie is such an adorable baby with so many cute expressions on her face! I can see why she is loved so much!! The pictures are all so great I can't even name a favorite or one I love the most- so just all of them! ;)