Monday, March 28, 2016

Life Lately

Life has a good kind of busy lately... hence why the blog has taken the back burner a bit... but I have high hopes of getting 3 more posts out this week so stay tuned! 

If all goes according to plan (let's emphasize the IF), posts for the rest of the week will look like this:

Tuesday- Our Easter
Thursday- Favorite Finds: Spring & Summer Shopping Edition (I have lots of good buys to share with you guys!)
Friday: March Goals 

I have missed my morning coffee/blogging time these past 6 weeks, but sleep has been a calling, and Matt has been the best to wake up with Ryan so I can get an extra hour or so in before he heads to work. Bless him!

Here's a look at what we've been up to lately... and sorry, it's a long one. ;)

First hike as a family of 5 ;) ...who knew there was a bamboo forrest in Atlanta?!

Chasing shadows in the backyard after dinner...

...and playing one of Ryan's favorite games: "push. dad-dy. over."

My Big Buddy hanging in the passenger seat while I feed his sister after our morning at the library and lunch. Bless him for his ability to occupy himself while I take care of his sister!
(Catarina Kitty Cat and Bunny are playing some sort of interesting game here) ;)

Tally... the first born... taking FULL advantage of "his" time after both kids are down for the night. Oh Tal.


Matt went on a fun work trip to Cabin Bluff for a few days, so the kids and I went to my parents' house and made all kinds of memories:
Swinging on the screen porch

Celebrating One Month!

Sleepy smiles :)

Checking out the land where Nonna and Papa's new house will be built!
First slam dunk... Papa is the best!
Love the way they are looking at each other here... melt.
Visiting my step-sister's farm and talking to the twin baby lambs
Sweet snuggles- he has been putting his head on my shoulder so much lately and I love it

Kisses for the mama sheep- which was equally gross and adorable
Ryan was SUPER concerned about all of the poo-poo on the ground. Here he is telling the sheep, "more poo-poo right dare... more poo-poo... more poo-poo sheep... more right dare" I'm pretty sure he pointed out 90% of the poo-poo on the ground... and then wanted daddy to be there to "pick. it. up... bag... get it... daddy get it."

Miss Natalie slept through the whole visit to the farm... and Nonna held her so she would have an excuse to not get close to the animals. ;) ;)
What a day this boy had!

Complete with a bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub. He was ready to move in permanently I think. :)

This girl loves a good ceiling fan

And this boy loves his Tal Tal

Moms' Night Out with my MOPs girls!

Post bath snuggles with my girl... and those arm wrinkles- love
Playing "Hip" (hip, hip- hooray!) and then snuggling with daddy. :)

One month visit!

Playing "twos" (tools) at Reynolds' house

Play date with 8 of our favorite baby friends in our back yard!

And some night time shenanigans before bed... as I said on Instagram, I'm not sure how to picture came out not blurry. ;)

See you again tomorrow!



  1. Sweet pics!! And a new house for Nona & Papa?!?!?!? Exciting! I may need to crash a trip back to her current house first though! :)

  2. Your pictures are always so great & it looks like everyone is always having so much fun! I swear, in half of the pictures of Natalie she looks like a super tan model baby & then in the rest she id just wrinkly baby adorable! ;) Hope you're enjoying all that magical baby smell & snuggle time while you can still get it, I'm sure you are though!