Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March's Mid-Month Confessions

It's the middle of the month, which means Elizabeth and I are back to share our confessions with you!

Since this has been our first month as parents of two, my confessions all revolve around parenting and being tired... and the silly things that being a parent and being tired make me do.

So here goes:


Matt and I were walking back up our driveway after our first family walk, when our sweet 70 year old neighbor, who was all dressed up and carrying a dish, stopped by to say hello. In the conversation, we learned that she was headed to an Oscars party at a friend's house. I laughed and said that I didn't even know the Oscars were on that night, and then Matt laughed and added to our coolness factor by saying that we were all about to head inside, eat dinner, do baths, and go to bed. #nineisthenewmidnight

Thanks to our sweet neighbor's tip, we recorded the Oscars and watched a bit while we were feeding Natalie before bed. When they announced that Ryan Gosling would be presenting the next award I reacted involuntarily with a loud, "Oooh!" and then looked at Matt and said, "Sorry, was that out loud?"

When we took Natalie for her first pediatrician visit, I asked our doctor (who is a man) what we needed to know about wiping her during diaper changes since our first baby was a boy. But to make this more awkward, I decided to start the question with, "I know I have her parts, but just to make sure we're doing this right..."

The other day, Matt and I were talking about when we should eat dinner and instead of responding with what I meant to say, which was- "Well I'm not really hungry yet", I said, "Well I'm not really tired." Then I gave a really confused look and laughed and said, "Did I just say tired?!" hahah 

And just because we cracked up watching this, I have a video to share. If you are a parent to little ones, this might just make you crack up too:

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  1. HAHAHAHA Laughed out loud at #3. Still laughing. That is totally something I would say/do. Love you!

  2. I'm not a parent to anyone, little or otherwise, but that video was still pretty funny!

  3. I would totally have the same conversation about girl parts. I don't know how to clean a girl!