Monday, March 7, 2016

Life Lately: Two weeks home with two & all the firsts

It's hard to believe we've been home for a little over two weeks already!

I can already see where life with two is going to fly by even faster than the last 18 months have.

Sweet Natalie has been the best little sleeper and eater so far and Ryan has honestly taken to her addition to our family so well.

He loves showing off his "sista" "Nanni" to any visitors who come by and usually runs right over to her to point her out when someone walks in the door- even Matt when he gets home from work!

Here's a little look into our last two weeks:

First doctor's appointment for Miss Natalie!

The best Nonna ever reading to Ryan while Matt and I talk to our pediatrician

This guy :)

First bottle- and those little fingers holding on to her daddy's

Playing "I spy" on the kitchen floor

Open gym!

Ryan's Aunt Karen brought him two trains and he got so excited about them and then ran over to show his sister: "Nanni. A choo-choo!"

Visitors & playdates at the Nelsen house!

Natalie's first tutu thanks to Aunt Dre :)

Pre- hair cut...

So big!

First family dinner out!

And first family walk!

Girlfriend enjoyed her first bath until she had to get out...
...just like her mama- she doesn't like to be cold!

Yay for warmer weather and outside time!
This boy loves to snack on crushed ice and snuggle with his favorite pup.

Daddy's home!

"Down! Up!" So proud :)


First grocery run with my two babies!

And first sleepy smile caught on camera

Best buddies :)

Tunnel time with Nonna and Gigi!

What a sweet couple of weeks it has been!

I'll be back on Thursday to share my Top Ten Favorite Finds for Mamas of Newborns!



  1. Happy to see everything is going so well! What double stroller did you go with?

  2. Ryan looks so grown up with his new hair cut! I bet you are enjoying all of the cute girl clothes for Natalie. I love shopping for my nieces. ;)

  3. Ryan's hair is so cute! Looks like you guys are adjusting well!

  4. Baby Natalie is just so adorable, love that sleepy smile too! I'm sure big brother Ryan is next the next male, outside of her grandpa's of course, to be wrapped around her fingers ;) The pictures are all great & how cute that Ryan had to show Nanni his new choo choos. Adorable! Hope all continues to go well as life with 2 progresses past the 1st two weeks!

  5. How fun! We also had the City Select stroller for a while!

  6. Hooray for your first two weeks! I am so impressed with all the outings you had...I was terrified to take 2 kids out of the house for a long time, ha! She is adorable, and I love how he calls her "Nanni"!

  7. Love how sweet Ryan is with Natalie!