Thursday, October 1, 2015

Seagrove Beach Vacation Days 3-5

This post could probably use a split as well, but three posts about a 6 day trip seems a little silly- ha. So here are the rest of the pictures from our trip! You can see part 1 here.

Day 3:
As I mentioned in the first post, our days started early thanks to the time change. Here we are at 4:45- Ryan with his milk, Tal with his lovey... both boys ready to start the day.

My sister and her boys decided to wake up early and join us for a sunrise walk on the beach

Noah brought his metal detector, sweet love


On our walk back, we met up with Nonna and Papa and went by the Donut Hut- Mmmm!

Love these people so much :)

Love that you can see Matt smiling at Ryan in the background of this pic

Dessert by the pool! And the sweetest cousins ever who shared more of their popsicles than they ate I think
A new (and naked on Ryan's end) version of peek-a-boo: hide in the cooler edition
A Nonna and her boys! And a nakey babe trying to be modest for the camera ;)

Day 4:
This was the look Ryan gave Noah and Maddox every morning when they came down the stairs. He started saying both of their names on this trip: "Wo-wah" and "Maa Maa"

Morning bike/run/walk

And a snooze before the beach. ;)

The series of these three pictures shows how excited Ryan got about seeing his "Maa Maa" This was him sneaking up on him :)

Maddox in the cooler again- haha, and sharing his popsicle again. Ryan was a lucky boy this trip!

early morning fishing

I spent my birthday on the beach with a napping babe and some margherita pizza- not a bad start to a new year.

Day 5:
One last sunrise walk (or run for Tally) before heading home
We're ready! (and sooo big)
Ryan was so smiley before he fell asleep on the way home. It was like he was thinking about our week and just couldn't stop cheesing. Matt and I were cracking up and kept asking him what he was thinking about. Love this little boo!

Sleepy snuggles (and Tal stayed in the back for the ride home!)

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  1. You have the cutest bathing suits and that picture of your baby boy asleep on you is just precious! Looks like you all had a great time!

  2. Oh so much baby lovin' in this post! Looks like an absolutely fantastic trip :)

  3. It looks like you all had an amazing stay together on the beach! That is an impressive sand castle/fort the boys constructed & what a perfectly Ryan sized water hole in the sand!!