Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Patch!

As I was looking through my calendar this weekend, I realized we were running out of time to take Ryan to a pumpkin patch this Fall. Where have these Fall weekends gone?!

So on Sunday, we made an executive decision to skip church and head up to Kinsey Family Farms. And since my parents had stayed with us the night before, we brought them along for the fun too!

Y'all, to say I was excited about this little trip is an understatement. It basically felt like Christmas morning. And that night when Matt and I were about to fall asleep, I told him I wish the day the could start all over.

This place was exactly what I was looking for for our little toddling one year old who loves farm animals and "pump pumps."

As I shared on Instagram, this little day trip made all my Fall dreams comes true.

It was "pump pump" heaven for this little guy!

Nonna and Papa helped him pick out the perfect little pumpkin
He wanted the pumpkin on his head :)
Off to see the cows!

The first time he heard a real cow moo. :)
He's been so in to "tac-tors" just in the last week, so getting to sit on a real one was a big hit!
First hay ride
waving to the animals
He spotted some flowers (which were really leaves that had changed colors on the trees) and gave them a good smell from inside the hay ride :)
Still smelling... he's an aggressive little flower sniffer :)

Ahhh... my Fall feels complete.