Friday, October 16, 2015

Life Lately

We are in Clemson this weekend for a long weekend with my college roommates, their husbands, and all ten our kids. Oh, and it's homecoming weekend, so life is pretty much going to feel perfect for these next few days. :)

Here's a peek at what we've been up to lately!

Post-music class Firehouse date with Aunt Dre and Reynolds!
These boys :)

The look I get sometimes get when it's time to go inside. Life is so hard when you're one!

A little morning relaxation time :)
I love the way he has started mimicking me when I'm getting ready!

Soaking wet and happy as a clam
Spoon practice... success?! So hard to tell ;)
Our baby girl at 20 weeks!

backyard exploring

Andrea and I (and our boys) started day one of the Couch to 5k!

This would be the face I got when I decided that an afternoon nap was probably not going to happen that day :)
All my people piled on the bed in Baby Girl's room

After we made a dinner recipe together, Ryan brought this measuring cup into the tub and was practicing his measuring for a good ten minutes. Sweet boo! I love the way he wants to do things over and over when he learns them for the first time.

Florida State game watching with friends.

Even though I am a Clemson fan at heart, Ryan learned how to do the chop on our way to our friends' house and it was SO cute!

Matt and I were getting ready in our bathroom and hearing Ryan working on something in our bedroom when he suddenly turned the corner into the bathroom with both of Matt's shoes on his hands. He thought his little trick was hilarious!!

Ikea family date!
This might become a common activity. It is like a massive doll house for a little kid!
In that bottom right picture, Ryan is in the baby section carrying around a traveling potty-training seat and saying repeatedly, "Hat, Hat, HAT"
Date night!

Pre-crib setup
Mid-crib setup (change of scene for these two) ;)
Fittingly Daniel Tiger's "Meet the New Baby" episode.
post- crib setup

Target run with Aunt Dre and Reynolds!

Ryan took his first bad fall and grazed the fire pit on the way the down. He took it like a champ. Cried for just a minute and was back to playing. And this mama took him to our nurse neighbor across the street, doctor neighbor next door, and texted a pic to my nurse roommate to make sure he would be okay! It healed rather quickly, but it definitely made me nervous!

Zoo with my boo :)
Sweet T girl got in the back with Ryan to make sure he wouldn't be scared on the dark part of the train- love that girl.

Reynolds watching us on the carousel :)

Climbing in and out of daddy's car is a new favorite activity. Matt taught him how to open and close the door and he thought he was so cool. The little look he gives when he does something by himself is the sweetest.

Oh Tal. This would be after one of our Couch to 5k runs at the park. He boycotted getting in the car unless Matt picked him up. As I said on instagram:
He is a boy. And a dog. But he is a diva.

Peeking through the gate on one of the first feels-like-Fall days

We're working on not eating Tally's dog food or the dirt in the backyard. It's going really well.

Bubble blower extraordinaire. Always with his nose. :)

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Have a great weekend, friends!



  1. I cannot get over ryan's grin, or your adorable pregnant belly. you are giving me second baby fever really, really badly!

  2. You are way too sweet! And as far as second baby fever goes, I say DO IT! ;)

  3. So so cute! He is just learning so much. We are struggling with not eating the dog food too. And GO CLEMSON!