Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Clemson Homecoming Reunion- 19 peeps and counting

Before I share pictures from our weekend, some real quick business:

E and I will be hosting the Mid-Month Confessions link-up this Thursday. The month got away from the both of us so we had to push things back just a bit. Sorry for the change and hope you all can join us Thursday!


Each year, my college roommates and I plan a Clemson reunion weekend with our husbands, and usually the itty bitty babies come along for the fun. But this year, we decided to make it a big family reunion weekend and bring all of the kids. And I do mean ALL of them.

Between the five of us, the are 10 kids (10.5 if you count Baby Girl). :)

Our roommate Brittany decided to leave her youngest with her parents so that she and Caleb could have some quality time with their older two kids, so we ended up with 10 total adults and 9 kids. And it was a blast!

The kids were seriously amazing together. They all got along so well. The little ones tried to keep up with the big ones, and the big ones were so sweet with the little ones. It was almost too good to be true. That's what being in Clemson does to people though. ;)

We all arrived Thursday night, spent Friday and Saturday on campus and playing at the house, and then left to head back home Sunday morning. The whole weekend was so much fun. Seeing all of our kids together and knowing how fast they were all going to grow made me want to freeze time.

Here are some pics from our time together.

The view from the deck each morning was beautiful!

Our group walking through downtown was pretty funny- 10 adults, 9 kids, and four strollers

The big kids held hands everywhere we walked. Sweet buddies. :)

Love the girls!
Ryan walked all over the place!
The picture is a little dark but these two are playing peek-a-boo and baby Ryder has the biggest, sweetest grin on his face.

Sweet T and the Tiger

Playing down by the water at our house
Breakfast, party of 19!

Saturday afternoon, the big girls and I baked chocolate chip cupcakes.
Four of us passed out while the kids were napping and Matt snapped this picture while we crashed.
Ryan started this spoon fetish this weekend. He wanted at least one spoon in his hand at all times. In this pic, he's holding two and started a little trend with the other babies. At ones point there were four of them walking around on the deck with two spoons- ha! Sweet and funny babes.

Story time before bed!

On our last morning together, Ryan and Reynolds both woke up early, so Andrea and I got to spend some extra quality bonding time in the kitchen with our boys while they cracked us up with their funny personalities and current tricks.

Before heading home that day, we had an early lunch at Grouchos with Andrea's family, and after Patrick said the prayer for our food, Ryan gave a loud "Amen" completely on his own- ha! We've never really worked on him saying that so hearing him repeat it after Patrick closed the prayer was pretty funny! And maybe funnier was the way he looked at us all like, "What's the big deal? I didn't make up the word, I just repeated it." So once we were in the car, I took a quick video of him saying it again:

Tickles on the way home :)



  1. Ok. First, this looks like SO much fun and totally makes me miss Clemson and my girlfriends. I'm totally going to organize this with our gang for next fall. Second, can you give me some details about this house you guys stayed in? And third, WHERE WAS YOUR ORANGE (and Ryan's) at the game? #noexcuses ;)

  2. What a fun time! Definitely a reunion to remember!

  3. I always joke with my college friends that we're waiting to have kids until my friends get married. Seeing your photos, I feel completely justified in waiting, haha.