Friday, April 10, 2015

Ten on the 10th: Ten Meals I Make for New Moms

Today's post is all about the most common meals I bring to new moms or to friends or family members who are sick and need a night off from cooking.

I always package everything in throw-away containers, and depending on the meal, include a side, dessert (usually cookies or brownies), wine (sometimes I'll throw in a beer for the dad if I know he likes beer), and all of the condiments or "extras" that I would serve with the meal if I were serving it to them in our home.

If the parents are registered with a website like Meal Train, I like see what other people are bringing and try to vary up the menu so that the recipients aren't eating the same type of meal each night.

This list changed a lot after I experienced the amazing generosity of friends and family members who brought us meals after Ryan was born. I got some great ideas from those meals and most importantly realized what a gift it is to not have to prepare a home-cooked meal when you're adjusting to life with a new baby.

Ten Meals I Make for New Moms

This is a great dish to make if you know that the new mom has family in town because it serves so many and is a one dish meal. I usually include a side of green beans or a salad, as well as a container of freshly grated parmesan and another container of extra sauce.

This is a perfect meal for 2-3 people. I include a bag of Trader Joe's 3-minute microwaveable brown rice to go under the main dish or as a side.

We love these tacos! Someone made us a taco bar after Ryan was born, and it was one of our favorite meals. It's nice to have something other than a casserole, and these tacos are delish! When I bring this meal, I put all of the meat in a large plastic container and include a package of soft & hard tacos, little baggies with the chopped green onion and cheese, and a container of sour cream. I usually include a bag of chips and salsa with this as well.

This is straight comfort food. We love this dish and it's an easy one to make for other people too. I usually include a side of broccoli or green beans and a baggie of fresh parmesan.

An alternative to lasagne, stuffed shells are one of those meals that people don't typically take the time to make for themselves (especially after a baby!), so it's a fun one to bring. For this dish, I include an extra container of sauce, a baggie of fresh parmesan, and a salad or green veggie for the side.

This is great during the fall and winter months. This will serve at least 6-8 people, so sometimes Matt and I keep half for our own dinner. When I bring this, I include a bag of cheese, a container of sour cream, and baked corn bread in a throw-away container. Sometimes I also include a bag of chips and salsa, cheese dip, or guacamole, depending on what the parents like best.

Sometimes too many casseroles back to back can be heavy, so if I can see that someone has received a lot of heavier meals, I like to bring this rigatoni with vodka sauce recipe and include a side of green beans or salad. Including chicken sausage or italian sausage in the recipe is another option to make it a non-vegetaarian meal.

When I bring this meal, I have it braided and ready to go in the oven. It's a one dish meal with the veggies and meat inside so I don't usually include anything with it aside from brownies or cookies for dessert. :) 

Stuffed peppers are another nice change from the usual meals people bring. You can even buy pre-made and ready-to-cook peppers from Publix, Trader Joes, and Costco. All you have to do is cover with the tomato sauce/sour cream topping and they're ready to go. This would be nice with a side of mashed potatoes (recipe included in the link above) or roasted potatoes.

We love this Mexican dish. And it makes a ton! I would say it easily serves 8 people so you can either halve the recipe create two containers so that they can freeze one for later, or keep half for your own dinner if you know they've received plenty of food. I like to include a side of chips, salsa and sour crew with this meal.

That's it! If you have any questions about how the meals are prepared or want to know where I buy anything that I didn't mention, feel free to shoot me an email {} or leave a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I needed a new list of meals that I take to family/friends who are sick or have had a baby. Great 10 on the 10th.

  2. I have yet to make that braid! I love it every time I see you post about it! I'm excited for Mid Month confessions...I've been working on mine!! Lol