Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Goals

Ahhh... I love April. We've walked everyday this week and are loving the warm days and cool breezes. I have a feeling it's going to be a great month.

My goals for this month involve some spring cleaning and organizing, but before I get to those, here's a look at how last month's goals turned out.

I really enjoyed this book. I feel like I could have read the entire thing in one sitting if I had a long enough nap to work with. ;) There were parts that were tough for me to read but I feel like they were probably realistic to what some of the orphan train kids really experienced. It's just amazing to me that a program for shipping kids off to new families in this manner actually existed at one point in history. But aside from a few harder moments in the book, the overall story was inspirational and uplifting. If you've read it already, I'd be curious to know what you thought of the ending. I was undecided but loved the book so much that I didn't want to not love the ending, ha. Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've read it!

Find frames and print pictures for the new table
Done! This has been a long time coming and I'm so happy with the turnout! I'm still searching for a few other frames that match the picture I have in my head, but here's a look at the table and our mantle with the mostly new pictures and mostly reused frames.

File taxes
These are 95% complete! We have a few minor things to double check but I plan to do that this week and then they'll be DONE!

Transfer info from my old hard drive onto my new laptop and sell the old laptop
My listing on eBay runs until Sunday and has 14 bids already- woohoo! I will be so glad to have this finally taken care of.

Set up appointments for front door and shower door installation
Our bathroom door is actually already installed! We used a company in Atlanta called Echols Glass & Mirror and they were GREAT. So efficient, the lowest quote of the three we got, and very friendly installers. Highly recommend them if you live in the Atlanta area! Our front door will be installed this month and then I'll share pictures of both finished products.

Okay, now on to my April goals:
Read and review For the Right Reasons
I mentioned this review back in January, but we had an issue with getting the book sent to the right address, so I'm finally reading it this month and will have a separate post this month sharing my thoughts!

E recommended this book in her "What I'm Reading" post last month and it sounded like one I would love. You can check out her post here.

Organize our linen closet
For as much as I love an organized closet, it has gotten a little out of hand, so I plan to clean it all out this month, toss old things and organize the rest.

Clean out our closet/make a Goodwill run
Same. I love a good spring cleaning.

Go on a cooking class date
For Christmas, Matt got me a cooking class date night that we haven't used yet so I want to plan it for this month! We went on one a few years ago and had SO much fun. I blogged about it here.

Clean yard/update landscaping for spring
This is definitely my least favorite thing and something I'd love to hire out if I could find someone who wasn't too expensive (why do landscaping services cost so much?! or I am not looking in the right place?!), but until then, Matt and I need to get out and spruce things up for spring.

Schedule Tally for Therapy Dog Certification
This was on my Ten before 30 list that I jokingly (or not so jokingly) renamed my "Ten before 40" list on my 30th birthday, but after completing another 8 week training class last month, I really think he's ready for the test now. So I want to set that up this month and work on getting him ready for it.

Do Jillian Michaels Level 3- 3x's/week
Rather than setting specific workout goals this month, I want to keep it simple and make sure I do this one workout 3x's/week in addition to whatever else happens. It's just such a good workout and it's quick enough that 3 times is realistic for me to complete.

And speaking of that workout...
In case you missed it, E and I are giving away the 30 Day Shred DVD along with two other favorite finds off of my March list. The giveaway runs through Thursday at midnight so be sure to enter by then! Click here to enter.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing Ryan's 8 month post. 8 MONTHS! Goodness time is flying by. See you then!



  1. I am with you on the landscaping, it is crazy expensive! But totally worth every penny haha! I plant my annuals, then have them come lay the mulch, pull weeds, etc.

    1. Ooh I like hearing you say it's worth it. I'm quite confident I would feel the same way! ;)

  2. I felt the exact same way about Orphan Train! Some parts had me ugly crying and the end was not my favorite at all. But it was an overall good read. Super deep though, which I wasn't expecting. :( I love your new frames and I can't wait to hear about your cooking class date!
    Thanks for sharing