Thursday, April 9, 2015

#nelsendays2015 Weeks 12-14

I got a little behind with my daily pictures, so here is a look at what we've been up to for the past 3 weeks!

Day 80:
Matt got home from his fun work trip to Cabin Bluff and got the best and sweetest greeting from his little man. :)

Day 81:
Welcome to the world Ryder Oprea! You have lots of friends who can't wait to play with you!

Day 82:
Sweet Tal has been pulled and whacked a lot lately but still goes to lay by Ryan every chance he gets.

Day 83:
Hero Essay ceremony! You can read the essay that Maddox wrote about his brother Noah here.

Day 85:
Easter Egg Hunt! More on this fun afternoon here.

Day 86:
Buddies just chatting and hanging. ;) Ryan loves making noises at Tally, but Tally's not too sure what he's supposed to do in response, so he usually just stares at him or goes in for a quick lick on Ryan's face. Ha.

Day 86:
Bath time with Henry! Notice Ryan's left hand. It is always in the wave position. :)

Day 87:
Matt's first tennis match was a cooold one! But it gave us an excuse to get Ryan in his hat one more time this season. ;)

Day 88:
My afternoon walking buddies. :) On this walk, a big dog came out of a house and started making its way to the front of Ryan's stroller. As it got closer, Tally stepped in front and started growling loudly until the dog walked away. Love that pup.

Day 89:
Ryan was having trouble falling asleep this night I can't remember if he was fighting a little cold or if maybe his afternoon nap was longer than usual, but he was definitely not up for sleeping at his regular time! So we decided to get him back and bring him to the dinner table with us. He's usually sounds asleep when Matt and I eat so it was fun to have him with us at the table that night. In the bottom left pic, he was super excited about shaking his sippy cup. The bottom middle was his new trick he learned that day- standing up with his Fisher Price toy! And the bottom right is Tally going in for left overs after the meal was over. Ryan always gets such a kick out of it when Tally tickles his belly. ;)

Day 90:
Walk-a-thon at Noah and Maddox's school! Strollers earned double points, and Noah's class ended up with the most number of laps! Oh, and my sister and I showed up in the EXACT same outfit- neon yellow v-neck tees and black yoga pants. ha! Pretty hilarious.

Day 91:
Open gym! Ryan had a blast and took a THREE hour nap when we got home!

Day 92:
Practicing his skills he learned at open gym. ;) But really, he pulled up to a stand for the first time by himself at the gym and then was all excited about trying it out in his crib before he went to sleep. I love getting to see what he does through the video monitor before he goes to sleep!

Day 93:
We were so thankful to have Matt home after he was hit by a tractor trailer on his way home last Friday. Thankfully he wasn't hurt at all. I wrote in my IG post that we are pros at the car buying thing and mentioned that it would be our 7th car in 7 years of marriage, but then when Matt and I were talking through the cars we've had, we realized this next one will be our EIGHTH! Crazy. And all either died or were totaled. Hopefully we'll be able to keep this next one for longer than a year!

Day 94:
We passed Josh Murray from the Bachelorette hanging with other cool and trendy people at a local bar on our Friday night family walk to the pet store. Nothing says "hello reality" quite like that moment. ...But we wouldn't have it any other way!

Day 95:
Easter Sunday! More on how we celebrated here.

Day 96:
I realized on this morning that I could no longer leave the room for a quick minute. Ryan pulled himself completely on top of that box in no time at all! He also discovered that his friend lives in the oven too and that he can get to Tally's bed all by himself. He is full of fun these days!

Day 97:
Rooftop lunch with four of my favorite people :)

Day 98:
We love when Papa is in town!


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