Monday, October 6, 2014

Recommended Products for Months 1-2

We are still using most of the products I shared in my first two recommendation posts, so if you haven't seen those, you can check them out here:

Products for Cradle Cap
Ryan's cradle cap came back after he turned one month. My mom gave me the idea of using coconut oil to clear it up. I also used the Mustela foam shampoo during his baths. I only use the coconut oil now as needed, but love the shampoo and use it for every bath.


Gripe Water
Some people swear by gas drops, which we also have on hand, but Ryan isn't often gassy. Instead, he seems to occasionally have digestion issues that give him uncomfortable hiccups or what seems to be on "off" tummy. But no gas usually. SO, the Little Remedies Gripe Water has been our favorite remedy for these occasions. It's an all-natural remedy made with ginger and fennel. Whether it actually "works" or is just a placebo affect, I don't know, but in my mind, it works. :) 

I feel like I could write a book about swaddles. In Ryan's' short little life, he's transitioned every couple of weeks from one swaddle to the next. And, ironically, he's completely swaddle free already (but that's for another post I suppose). HOWEVER, during a 3-4 week stretch, he used this woombie swaddle at night and I (and he) LOVED it. It allows some give in the arms which I think is more similar to what it probably felt like in the womb. And the best part is that it unzips from the bottom so that he could stay swaddled on the top half for middle of the night diaper changes. They have so many cute patterns and colors too. This one is for babies between 5-13 pounds, and this one is for babies 14-19 pounds.

Woombie Convertible
 (that's not Ryan btw- although they do look pretty similar!)
They also make a convertible swaddle that allows the baby's arms to be out or in- perfect for transitioning out of a swaddle. The arms pockets snap closed so you have the option of opening them or keeping them closed. 

Bravado Nursing Bra
I feel like that picture seems sketchy, but y'all, I LOVE this bra. My sister-in-law, Jennifer, told me about them a few weeks ago and I wish I knew about them before I bought my other ones. I would have bought one in every color. They are SO comfortable! Seriously. Forget about buying a sleeping bra, sports bra, and "regular" bra like I did. This bra takes care of everything and is way more comfortable than the others I bought. 

Play Mat
In the past two weeks, Ryan has loved playing on this play mat. He loves flirting with his reflection in the mirror and kicking his feet against the piano. Not that he realizes the connection, but the music plays as his feet hit the keys. I keep the mat detached so that it's easy to clean as often as needed, rather that detaching and reattaching each time. Initially, he used the top part with the nap nanny so that he could be closer to the mirror, but now he loves laying on the actual mat. Check out this link for the other ways it can be used as well as the other attachments that can hang from it (all included, not purchased separately).

Noggin Stik Rattle

This little rattle is apparently the new "it" toy. And I have to say, it's amazing. A friend of mine got it for Ryan and in the past two weeks, it has become his favorite toy. And mommy's favorite toy too because it has made him forget about how much he dislikes being in his carrier in the car. ;) It's especially great at night because the light changes from green to red to blue and is extra bright at night (obviously). The thin handle is perfect for him to grip, and the bottom has a mirror for him to look at (although he hasn't figured that part out yet). Anyway, it's fantastic. Trust me!

Solly Baby Wrap
My friend Katherine told me about this wrap- it is great! It's made of a thin, stretchy material so that it feels light-weight when you wear it, but supports the baby well and does not hurt your back like some baby carriers do. It has a pocket attached at the end of one side so that the wrap easily folds into itself, and there's even a little paci pocket too. Ryan loves being snuggled up in it and falls asleep quickly and easily. The creator of the wrap has a YouTube channel where she shows you how to tie the wrap. It's really not hard at all. You can check out her website here and the video tutorials here. She even has a video to show you how to nurse in the Solly Baby, which I actually did while we walked about Rock City on our Tennessee trip- pretty convenient if you ask me! And much less obvious than wearing a nursing cover- in fact, it just looks like you have a sleeping baby wrapped up and covered. So yes- I highly recommend this wrap!

My next big thing I want to research is strollers. We're currently using the snap and go, which I talked about in this post, and have the City Mini GT in a box ready to open when Ryan gets big enough, but I recently heard about the City Select stroller that has a double carrying option and multiple ways that the two seats can be positioned. I'm considering exchanging the one we have for the City Select (which can be used as a single as well) so that we don't have to make the investment for a double stroller down the hopefully-not-too-long road. ;)

If you guys have any strollers you love and would recommend, do share! Buying a stroller feels a bit like buying a car- a long-term investment that I want to love for a long time, so any input is gladly welcomed.

Have a great week!


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  1. We have the city select and LOVE it! We got it mainly because once you buy the stroller, the most expensive part, you just have to buy the attachments for additional children. I also love that it can hold up ti three kids with the boogie board attachment!