Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ten on the 10th: Recommended baby products for the first two weeks

Today's Ten on the 10th is all about the products that I have appreciated the most during these first two weeks of parenthood. I'm not sure how two weeks have passed already (slow down, time!), but I am definitely thankful we've have these products to help ease the transition from hospital to home and from pre-baby life to post-baby life. :)
Mustela Baby Products
This is first because I am CRAZY about these products! Particularly the PhysiObebe no-rinse cleanser. Because we couldn't bathe Ryan completely until his cord came off, I started using this early on to keep him clean and smelling fresh. And then I noticed that anytime he started to get little signs of baby acne on his face, rubbing a little bit of this over the spots would literally make them disappear before his next feeding. This stuff is amazing!

Pampers Swaddlers
We're two weeks in and haven't had one accident or leak with these diapers. And we've had a lot of full diapers. ;) They are the brand that our hospital used too, so we were thankfully sent home with quite a few packs for free. We may try other brands down the road, but for now, I'm a big fan of these Pampers Swaddlers
Aiden and Anais Swaddle Blankets
These swaddle blankets are the BEST! I love the material- very light-weight, breathable and stretchy so that swaddling is easy. They are GREAT!

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib
We have this model of the BABYBJORN Travel Crib and have loved using it it these early stages where feedings happen throughout the night. Before Ryan arrived, I thought we would put him in his crib right away since our house is pretty small and the walk wouldn't be far. But I didn't anticipate how I would feel walking even short distances in those early days post delivery, or how much easier it would be to just nurse in our room. So for now, he is in our bathroom in this travel crib, and it's working great. I love it because it's small and light-weight (only 11lbs!). It doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of some of the other travel cribs, but in my opinion, it's got everything we need. I also love that the mattress is thicker than some of the others we looked at. I'm definitely glad we decided to go with it!

Nap Nanny
Let me start by saying yes, these have been recalled. And yes, we're still using it. And yes, I'm still recommending it. I was so glad when Matt's sister offered for us to use hers. If you actually watch your baby when he is laying in it, they are the greatest invention! In fact, this is how we eat every night:
So if you can borrow one from a friend, you definitely should!

Puj Tub
This Puj Flyte Tub has been the best for these early days when Ryan is too tiny for a bigger tub. I love the it fits in the sink and has the draining holes for the water to run out. Baths have been quick and easy with this tub!

Lanolin Cream
If you plan to nurse, you need this Lanolin cream. I use it every time I nurse and, knock on wood, have not had any issues with drying or cracking (yikes!) and really haven't had much pain either. So make sure you have this on hand if you plan to nurse!

Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame
Better known as a Snap and Go Stroller, this light-weight stroller makes running errands and walking so easy! The carrier snaps right into the base so transferring from the car to the stroller is super easy. 

Travel Sound Machine
Ironically, we haven't used Ryan's actual sound machine yet, but I did put the travel sound machine to use when I was in the car by myself with Tally and Ryan, and poor buddy had his first I-need-you-now melt down. Really, he just needed his paci to help him fall asleep (he's very off-and-on with the paci, but when he wants it, he wants it), but being that I was driving, I couldn't do much until I hit a red light. Thankfully, I had packed this travel sound machine in my diaper bag and was able to temporarily troubleshoot with some white noise until I reached a red light. So far now, it will stay on the carrier. ;)

Summer Infant Monitor
I love the picture on this Summer Infant Monitor. You can move the screen side-to-side, up and down, change the brightness, volume, etc. It's been great for us so far!

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  1. Wasn't part of the reason for recalling the Nap Nanny because parents were leaving their babies unattended? And Ryan's such a cute baby burrito!

    1. Yes ma'am! If you watch your baby while he is in it, they are the greatest little invention! ;)

  2. I think if we use common sense with MOST items, babies don't get hurt. Such as, like you pointed out, watching your baby :). I am past all of this stage in life, but boy is he ever cute! ALMOST makes me wish for more. Almost.

  3. Congratulations on your lovely little boy! I stumbled across you blog awhile ago and you have inspired me to create my own and I finally bit the bullet. Ryan is so blessed to have you two as parents! Congrats again :)

    1. How great, Nora! Blogging is such a fun way to track your memories. Glad you decided to start one! And love your name by the way ;)