Monday, August 25, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Weeks 31&32- Our first two weeks with Ryan

Time is flying by. I feel like we were in the hospital just yesterday, and here almost an entire month has gone by. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter or more content baby. He has been the best and sweetest gift.

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Day 211: Leaving the hospital!

Meeting his future bestie ;)

Day 212: Proud cousin :)

So tiny!

Day 213: Dinner is served- new centerpiece and all ;)

Day 214: First bath at home- I'm crazy about a cute bath towel! (or 7)

Teagan came over for dinner with her mama and daddy and spent some sweet time with "Baby RyRy"

Ryan and Tally. Melt.

Day 215: Rockstar :)

Day 216: A day of firsts! Ryan's first outing to his Aunt Gretchen's house, the boys' first day of school, and Maddox's first day of kindergarten! All on his one week birthday. :)

Sweet snuggles at Aunt Gretchen's

Day 217: Our 75lb lap dog making sure he still gets good time with daddy. ;)

Ryan's first meal out after a successful pediatrician appointment. The best part was having one of the workers walk up to me and say, "You come here with your belly? And now this is the baby? Can I see?" hahaha... oh that belly was memorable!

Day 218: I could look at that face all day...

I loved walking in on this sweet, sleepy snuggle time!

Day 219: Swaddle master and daddy pro. ;)

Day 220: A sneak peek of Ryan's newborn photos!

The new Friday night :)

Day 221: Roar

Day 222: First family walk at Chastain!

Ryan was a champ

Day 223: Ryan meets his future best buddy Finn!

First grocery run- we zipped through the store and were at the checkout in less than 15 minutes. We almost took out an elderly shopper and mama was sweating when we got back to the car, but Ryan never made a peep. Sweet baby. :)

Day 224: Bedtime snuggles



  1. I love that Tally still sits on y'all's laps, haha.

  2. Y'all are just adorable! Ryan just gets cuter and cuter every time I see a new picture! :)

  3. He is precious!! We are going on 2 1/2 weeks with baby girl and I can't wait until she sleeps thru the night!!

  4. i love that picture of ryan as the centerpiece of the table!! precious!
    and i love that picture of his bath time. when i saw that photo on IG, i got choked up! your happiness shines so bright in that photo.
    you're an amazing mama, heather. i'm so so happy for you!!