Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our hospital stay

As I mentioned in Ryan's birth story, we could not have asked for better doctors, nurses, or a better hospital experience all together.

Matt and I were both born at Northside Hospital, so it seemed fitting for us to deliver our own baby there as well.

Because Ryan was born at 12:30am (thank you buddy for holding out for July 28th! You know your mama loves those even numbers), we actually got to stay three full nights. Two where we really slept in the room. The first night after delivery, I think we made it to our room around 5am.

Point being, we had enough time for things to go wrong if they were going to go wrong, but they just kept going right.

The nurses and staff were so helpful and considerate. We were so grateful to each of them for making our stay such a positive one!

One of our favorite parts about our stay was having family and friends come to meet Ryan and visit with us.

Matt and I are both extraverts, so the idea of having people in our room all throughout the day energized us. In fact, it wasn't until we came home that we finally crashed and felt like we had just had a baby.

I wish I had thought to take a picture of each visitor holding Ryan so that he could see all of the people who came to love on him in his first few days of life, but alas, I had a baby and went straight from preggo brain to mommy brain. Yeah, I forgot.

If it weren't for our sweet nephew, Noah, this post would contain less than 10 pictures. Thankfully, he has taken quite an interest in photography and wanted to document everything while he visited. ;) And we're so glad he did!

To those of you who came to visit, THANK YOU!! We loved loved loved your company and appreciated you taking the time to come!

So to other mommas who are close to delivery, make a note to have someone remind you to take a second to document your visitors with a quick photo. It's so fun to look back at the pictures we do have!

Dr. Graham! 

One of our favorite nurses, Courtney, who came up with the ideas the help Ryan make progress when he was stuck and help us avoid a c-section. Her shift ended right as I had begun to push. She coached me through the beginning stages of pushes and then came if BEFORE her shift the next day to find us and make sure we were able to deliver without a c-section. SO sweet!

love this :)

Remember my post about "What's in our hospital bags?!" Well tomorrow I'll be sharing everything we did NOT use plus one or two things we added last-minute and are so thankful we did. Yes, next trip the hospital will be a much lighter one. ;)



  1. Ok so 1. You look amazing in all of these pics. 2. I think everything was documented perfectly. And 3. My favorite thing might be the fact that both of your plaid pillows are going strong in most of the pictures :)

    1. hahahah! Our stay wouldn't be complete without them! And you are the sweetest! :)

  2. It's great that you still got so many photos. And I love how happy y'all look whenever you're holding Ryan. Too sweet!

  3. Wow, so many visitors and so good you were able to stay and get everything established. We are lucky in the UK to have the NHS but it does meant that, unless you have a traumatic delivery, you are put on a postnatal ward with 5 other mum's and babies, I couldn't get out of hospital fast enough :)

  4. You are just beaming! And I love that Ryan already is sporting the orange with his paci!