Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2 Months!

Oh time- it is moving by way too quickly already. But as much as there's a part of me who wants to freeze time and snuggle with this sweet nugget forever, each day that he grows older brings something new to enjoy. Which helps me look forward to him grower older instead of wanting to freeze time where it is. For a mama who cried when her little man turned 5 days old, this is progress. ;)

The biggest change we've noticed between one and two months is the smiles and coos and total concentration on our movements and expressions. We could smile and stare and make the most ridiculous sounds and faces all day long for a chance to see his face light up with excitement.

He's started to notice Tally a little bit more too. Although he doesn't stare at him quite as long or intently. But sweet Tal is looking forward to their future interactions I think. He follows us everywhere during the day and loves when Ryan is at his level.

Right now, Ryan's least favorite part of his little life is falling asleep in the car. Poor guy. He is such a happy, relaxed baby until it's time to transition to sleep while he's strapped in the carrier. I'm pretty sure I'm to blame for this- heck that was one of my main reasons for wanting to have a natural birth- to avoid being attached to wires and machines and having to be stationary in a bed! I totally feel ya, buddy.

When we have car moments that look like this, they're super sweet :)

We love seeing his expressions and crack up at some of the faces he makes

And every now and then, we break the "rules" and snuggle for nap time instead of putting him down in his crib.

Watching him study the faces of his family is the sweetest: 


One of our favorite things has been watching him find his thumb. When he is in his carrier or laying on his back, he'll work really really to try to get his thumb to his mouth and will sometimes poke his cheeks or eyes instead. But when he does manage to get it in his mouth, it's just about the cutest thing we've ever seen. is trying on hats at the store when we're shopping with Nonna. :)

Photo Shoot:
Sweet buddy was extra sleepy on his 2 month birthday and had to be woken up from his naps to eat. We still managed to get some pretty cute pictures of him though- not that we're partial or anything ;)

Givng us his profile shot ;)

Tally REALLY wanted to join in on the photo session (see photo bombs in the outtakes below) ;)




  1. He has such a cute smile and fun facial expressions! I love the picture of Tally cuddling with him! So sweet!

  2. Oh man he's so cute! And I love tally posing for the camera :) miss y'all!