Monday, June 2, 2014

#nelsendays2014 Week 21

We are at the beach this week with Matt's family, spending some glorious time in the sun- reading, napping, playing with our nephew Jackson, and soaking in our last official trip before Baby Nelsen arrives (and our last official relaxing beach trip for a while). ;)

After this week, I'm technically not allowed to travel. That's how close we are to meeting our little man!

Here's a look at what we've been up to in the last week:

Day 141: Baby Nelsen got some FSU apparel from one of my students to go with ALL of his Tiger gear ;) #gotigers #bellyphotobomb

142: Treated my feet to a one hour massage thanks to sweet end-of-the-year gifts from my kids!

Day 143: Sitting at my desk on the last day of school, waiting for kids to enter my room and call me Mrs. Nelsen for the last time. I will miss that bunch and being a teacher, but can't wait to "just" be a mama. :)

Day 144: Hiking day at Raven Cliff Falls

Day 145: It was a church-in-the-living-room kind of morning. So thankful we'll have that option once the babe arrives! If you're looking for a church, you can watch ours live each Sunday here or check out previous messages here.

Day 146: Memorial Day was spent at the dog park, eating ice-cream, and cooking out with friends

Day 147: Tally with his new toy from his Aunt Karen. ;) It lasted all of 3 minutes before the stuffing was everywhere and Mickey's head was unrecognizable, but it sure was cute while it lasted!

If you didn't get a chance to read Friday's post, you can check it out here. Answers to the questions from IG, FB, Twitter, and the blog post will be shared next week!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a recipe for Baked Rigatoni with Sweet Italian Sausage. See you then!


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  1. Live streaming of the church service, how cool, how big is your church?! There was talk of my church doing that but they soon realised that as the average age is 75+ with little computer knowledge it was prob a waste of money for now :)