Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An experiment in what our future kids will look like...

Someone once told Matt and me that we look alike. Huh?! While I agree that we are pretty much the exact same person (with the exception of him being the nicer version of the two of us), I am not seeing the similarities in our physical appearance (although ironically, the picture above does kind of make me see where people could possibly think that?!):

Light skin -- dark skin
Auburn hair -- dark brown hair
"Auburn" eyes (his eyes seriously match his hair- I don't know what else to call that color) -- Hazel eyes
Freckles --  no freckles

You get the gist.

So a few years ago, my friend Meagan and I were hanging out at her house (this was before she had any kids and, obviously, before I was pregnant), when we randomly saw an ad pop up for some baby morphing generator.

"See what your future babies will like?! Sure! Why not!"

Let me pause for a minute and say that Meagan and her husband Chris DO look exactly alike. Like, could be siblings kind of look alike. 


So when she put in her pictures of the two of them, their future kids came out as cute as they could be with completely normal blended features. 

And then I took a turn. 

First with a girl. 

And this is what happened:

I think the baby morpher thought I was black.

So I used a less-tan picture and tried again. This time, with a boy. And this is what popped up:

We literally fell off the couch laughing.

And, because I was going with the whole "third time's a charm" thinking, I attempted one more time, and out popped the most interesting one of them all:

Hmmm... yeah not sure.

So there you have it. Our experiment in what our future kids will look like.

Guess we'll find out soon enough what our baby will REALLY look like! One month and counting!

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  1. I am CRACKING UP! Those are great, and um, I don't think any of those babies will look like your and Matt's children!
    I cannot wait to see your sweet little boy's photos! I'm so excited and have been loving your IG pictures!
    You're a beautiful, happy mama!

  2. I've used the same baby morphing program. Holy crap, my kids are going to be ugly, hahaha. And look on the bright side: Baby N will be much cuter than these guesses!

  3. LOL- I just laughed until my side hurt :)

  4. Seriously laughing so hard! If I tell you that your baby looks "precious" after he's born, you'll know it's because he looks like one of the above pictures :)