Monday, June 6, 2011

Gotta Love Summer

Summer is by far my favorite season of the year. I've always loved warm weather, but as a teacher, summers also mean a BREAK! And as much as I love teaching, I honestly think I would be quite content being a stay-at-home wife. :) The house is clean, laundry is controlled, dinners are more creative... it's quite blissful actually. Here's what's been happening so far:

Small group outing at the Brave's game

Katherine's Baby Shower

Katherine and I went to Clemson together. We met our first day there. She is such a sweet friend! She and her husband, Brett, and expecting their first baby in August. I only wish they weren't so far away!

Lauren (on the the left) and I rode up to the shower together. Lauren and Katherine roomed together freshman year at Clemson. I met the two of them the first night at Clemson and we became great friends right away. I love them both.

David and Morgan's Party
David and Morgan are our next door neighbors that moved in about a month ago. We were so excited when we found out we had new neighbors moving in! They are so super sweet and have done a lot of work on their house as well.  They actually ended up using our contractor to finish some of their work! We're so glad to have them as neighbors. I realize now that I never got a picture of the four of us (dangit!) but here's the cute setup she had for the party-  she is so creative! I only wish I could imagine things like this in my head and then make them come to life. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two from her. :)
She had everyone's initials on these stickers for you to stick to your cup. (That's actually our garage to the left. We have a little opening between our yard and their garage area.)

The hanging pieces are the extra invitations- so cute! She served BBQ catered by One Star Ranch. Delicious!

Matt and David checking out the yard- we're all learning this yard maintenance thing together!

Pool Time with Dre
This is Andrea. Andrea and I roomed together at Clemson and now both teach in the Atlanta area. We pretty much spend every day of summer together. For the last two years, she would come over every morning for coffee and then we would make our way out to the pool at our apartment. Now the we're in a house with no pool (sad!), I go to her house! The routine's the same- coffee and Today Show in the morning, and pool time at their neighborhood pool in the afternoon. We love our summers!

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