Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This past weekend, I got to go up to Charleston with my fam for a fun-filled weekend that was split between time on the sailboat, time in the hospital with Meagan, Chris, and their new little angel, Emerson (those pictures to come!), and time at my step-brother's new house that he and his wife just completely renovated. It was the best kind of busy I could ask for. :)

Nonna, Papa, Jeremy, and the boys

Me and Maddox :)

 Look at his wide-open mouth- so cute! Maddox called these "spelecopes". :)

A few minutes after we got on the boat, Maddox noticed the boat was floating and thought that he had made it float by pressing some buttons by the steering wheel. This video is so stinking cute. :) He's talking to Nonna (my mom), and at the end he points to a buoy to ask what is- I cut off the video right before he asked, "Dis boat have a booty?"

My step-brother, Brian

Me and Noah helping out with one of the jobs

Noah hoping to lose his first wiggly tooth on the boat!

Me and my sis :)

Papa let Noah steer for a lot of the day- he loved it!

Eating at Hyman's downtown

Happy Father's Day!

This is Brian and Jennifer's new house that they completely renovated. It is SO cute! They have a great blog with details of the whole renovation. Check it out!

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