Friday, June 10, 2011

Update on the Yard Front

We're very close to checking off two more things from our to-do list! We've planted some annuals in the front and have started an herb "garden" (think low expectations on this one) :) in the back! Here's what we have so far:

Basil- definitely resembles a weed right now but I have high hopes for this little guy.
Quick side story on the basil- I had some friends over for dinner and a walk to the yogurt shop up the street, while Matt and the other hubbies played a round of golf at a park near our house. My friend, Caitlyn, was sweet and brought over fresh basil for the recipe I was making, and rather than bring a few fresh leaves, she brought me a whole plant!! So I told her that this would be the start of the herb garden and that she (and her basil plant) was going to be the inspiration. Thanks, Cait!
P.S. Click on the link for the recipe- it was deLISH! (can I say that if I made it? hmm... it's not my creation, so I'm going to- thank goodness for Giada)

Now on to the annuals in the front



 Red petunias

BEFORE (no pot by the door)

AFTER (potted flowers)

It's a Clemson pot! ...maybe I'll do a Florida State one for Matt in the Fall. :)


I moved one of the mums because there was a big gap, and then planted white impatiens.

Yay! The section on the left will be updated next... along with some new herbs in the back!

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