Friday, June 24, 2011

Noah's 6th Birthday

Noah turned 6 on Monday. I can hardly believe it. He is so big! We celebrated with a family dinner at my sister's house that night. 

 My dad sent him this backpack super soaker. It was a big hit!

If you can't hear the end, Maddox is trying to pull down his pants and tells Noah to shoot his "piney". :)

Maddox giving Noah his gift 

Sweet brothers :)

Matt's here!

Maddox loves his snuggle time with Uncle Matt

...Climbing is always fun too :)

Us with the birthday boy!

Sweet family pic

One of the books we got him

Noah reading about his gift from Nonna and Papa- a White Water Season Pass!

He was very excited about it- so sweet :)

Happy birthday sweet boy!

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