Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Orange, Strawberry & Banana Juice Popsicles

Since making our first round of homemade popsicles with the popsicle molds we picked up at IKEA, Ryan has been so excited to try out different flavors.

Since our first popsicles were yogurt based, I wanted to make our second flavor from a juice base and see which ones we all liked better.

So while we were doing our weekly shopping at Trader Joe's, I let Ryan pick out the juice we would use for the base of our popsicles. He picked this one:

We made sure we had bananas, strawberries and oranges to add in to the popsicles and got to work when we got home.

It's worth noting that the IKEA popsicle molds do not need cooking spray, like I originally listed in the first recipe I shared. I felt like I could taste a subtle flavor of the spray in our original popsicles we made and did not like it at all, so I tested out two without spray this go around, and they came out just as easily. I love these popsicle molds!

1 cup Trader Joe's Organic Orange Strawberry Banana Juice
1 large banana
1 orange
4-5 whole strawberries, chopped

(Popsicle molds should be at room temperature before assembling.)

Add banana, strawberries, and orange in the blender. Pour juice over top. Blend until smooth.

Pour juice mixture from blender into each popsicle mold- leaving a little space on the top for the lid/base of the mold.

Insert the base of the mold that has the stick. Place in freezer for at least 8 hours.

When you're ready to eat the popsicles, take the molds out and run them under hot water for a couple of seconds while squeezing the sides gently. The popsicles should pull right out; if they don't, run a little more hot water over the molds and try again.

The yogurt based popsicles have such a different taste, so it's kind of hard to compare, but I think I liked these juice ones even better!

Hope you guys enjoy them too!


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