Monday, May 1, 2017

My May Goals

I cannot believe we are in May already. And to think Baby Girl will be arriving in JUNE! This third pregnancy has definitely gone by the fastest.

This month, I plan to keep my goals pretty simple. I want to maximize my time with Ryan and Natalie and maximize my sleep. I love waking up early and having that early-morning time to myself while the house in completely quiet, but this month, I'm going to sleep in more and take advantage of as many connected hours of sleep as I can. :) So my goals for May actually tie right in with the ones I set for April- I'm keeping things simple around here this month!


I have read about 75% of this book and have really enjoyed it. I unfortunately had to miss our book club meeting about it since we were returning from our Chattanooga trip, but I heard that all of the girls enjoyed it as well. It's a great, light read. I will finish it when we're at the beach next week and will share my thoughts on here!

Finish setting up Ryan's & Baby Girl's Rooms
Both of their rooms are almost finished! Last month, my goal was to get Ryan's all ready, but I ended up working on both rooms at the same time and have a little bit more to do in each. Once they are finished, I'll share pictures on here.

Share 2 New Recipes

Last month, I shared these two recipes:

recipe here

recipe here

This month, I'll share a new popsicle recipe and a new pasta dish recipe. Popsicles and pasta- both favorites in our house!

That's going to be it for May! Hope y'all have a great week!


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