Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up with Andrea, Erica, and Narci to share some of my Friday Favorites!

If you haven't heard, Old Navy flip flops (found here) are $2. 

And if there's an area where I think paying $2 for shoes is smart, it's here. They're great for the pool and walking back and forth from the beach all summer long. And at $2, you can stock up on a few different colors in case a pair breaks. Because let's be honest, designer or not, flip flops break. Which is another reason why I think going the non-designer route and getting two pairs for under $5 is an excellent choice. ;)


If you saw yesterday's Life Lately post, you saw me mention that I took the kids to the Woodstock Outlets to stock up on some summer shorts for Matt.

Literally, some of his pairs of shorts are still from high school! I love this about him, but he's not one to spend money on clothes and tends to buy in bulk when he does and then not shop again for a couple (or ten) years.

Most of the time, he asks for clothes for his birthday and Christmas, but since both of those fall in December, his summer clothes tend to hang around longer.

Well when we were on our day date last weekend, we went into Vineyard Vines at Avalon and he tried on a bunch of their shorts and loved them. They looked great on him and felt great too. The only problem is they were $75. Each. Now I have to say, I totally get spending more money on nice clothes that will last, and these certainly fit the bill, but dropping over $400 on 5 new pairs of shorts seemed a bit cray.

SO... I found out they had an outlet 20 minutes from our house, took the kids on Tuesday of this week, and y'all. Their SAME shorts were marked down to $49.99 with an extra 40% off. 

$30 shorts?! Definitely more reasonable. Done.

(These are the shorts he tried on. They have, 7", 9" and 11". He's 6'1 and the 9" ones fit him like the picture- just above the knee.

I also got him a couple of the softest golf shirts that were $85 at the store and just over $30 at the outlets. 
They also had great toddler sales too! I got this cute shirt for Ryan for our Mother's Day brunch for just over $20.

Okay, that ends my Vineyard Vines Outlet plug. ;)


My friend Stephanie introduced me to this nail polish and I am HOOKED! It definitely looks like I got a pedicure... as long as you don't look at the bottom of my feet- ha.

I'm wearing "Pretty Piggy" right now (in the flip flop picture at the top of the post) but will definitely stock up on some other colors for summer!

This by the way, was the color Natalie tossed in aisle 10 if you saw yesterday's post


I've been searching for a different style car for when we have 3 kids and Ryan is doing carpool for preschool come September (hold me while I cry). 

Right now, we have 3 seats across and a large truck space since I don't use the third row, but I imagined we'd end up with something with captains chairs for ease of getting in and out and for the extra space in the middle of the second row.

Well my dilemma is that Ryan and Natalie love sitting next to each other, so I would probably move them BOTH to the third row and just have the new baby in one of the captain's seats in the middle, but would rather wait to have Natalie forward facing to do that so that it's easier to get her in and out of her seat.

Honestly it's one huge #firstworldproblem and I am so thankful that we technically have the space for all 3 to be across, even though it is TIGHT and Ryan in his middle seat will be awkward for carpool and Natalie in the middle seat, rear facing, would be equally awkward.

But the whole point of this third-trimester, over-thinking, over-planning rant is that yesterday Ryan said, "Wook at she Mama, she wikes holdin' my hand!"

His "W's" for "L's" and the way always uses the subject pronoun is one of my favorite things about his age right now.

So of course I snapped a picture at the first red light we got to.

Love these kiddos so much and can't wait to add a 3rd to the mix in JUNE!!

Tomorrow morning we head to Matt's playoff tennis match and then we are off to the beach for a full week!! Eeeeek! I. am. giddy.

My parents are the sweetest ever and are staying with Tally at our house while we're away. One less "person" to pack in the car, but we will miss him while we're gone! 

Although last year, mom sent us this picture while we were away, so I think he'll be just fine. ;)

I'm taking the week off from blogging while we're soaking up sweet time with our kiddos and Matt's family at the beach, so I'll be back here Monday the 15th with a recap from our trip!


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