Tuesday, May 23, 2017

They got me GOOD

This group right here. They, along with my sister, mom, and mother-in-law got me GOOD.

This past Saturday, my sister and I were supposed to take my mom out to brunch for a late Mother's Day celebration. My mom found a really cute brunch spot called Mittie's Tea Room and asked if we could all meet there. And since my sister lives about 10 minutes from my house, she offered to pick me up on the way.

So Saturday morning, she came to our house and came in to see the kids and Matt for a bit, and then the two of us set off to go meet mom for her Mother's Day brunch.

Little did I know that ev-er-y-one of my closest friends and family members was in on a surprise baby shower for our sweet baby girl and me.

As the hostess was walking us back to the room to meet our mom, I was commenting on what a cute place it was and how I was so glad we were getting together to do this for mom.

And then we turned the corner and walked into a room with 10 of my closest friends and family members shouting "SURPRISE!"

I was SO confused and surprised and then immediately emotional when I realized what was going on. And then I turned and saw my sweet friend Meagan who had driven all the way from Charleston and started crying even more!

To say that this little outing was NOWHERE on my radar is an understatement. Outside of Matt proposing to me, I have never been so surprised in my life!

Sweet shower hostesses :) Caitlyn (on the far left) and I went to high school together and the other 3 are my college roommates. I am so thankful to do life with these girls!

This sweet friend was even at my house the day before swimming with her son and Ryan while I took Natalie to the doctor, and in all of our catchup time when we returned, she didn't give away the slightest hint that we'd be seeing each other again very shortly.

Sweet mom and sis- as I told mom, now we need to get HER celebration back on the calendar ASAP!

My sweet friend, Laura

Love my mama

And love my sis-in-law, Karen, and mother-in-law too! Karen is right in the middle of moving and still carved out part of the day to be at the shower. Having recently moved, I know that that is no small sacrifice to give up any time of a Saturday!

The day got even better when the girls told me that Matt had planned to be with the kids for the whole day so that we could do whatever we wanted and eat wherever we wanted that night. We ended up shopping, talking, eating out, and coming back to our house later that night and hanging together until after 11:00- which is equivalent to 3am in our younger years, hah. 

It was honestly the sweetest and most fun day. I am so, so thankful for these sweet people and cannot wait for this Baby Girl to meet her family and friends who already love her so much!

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