Friday, June 2, 2017

Ryan's Big Boy Room Reveal

When we first moved into this house back in September, we kept one room in the upstairs completely open, knowing that eventually we'd have another baby and use it for one of the kiddos. Little did we know at the time that we'd get pregnant right away and be filling it within the first year!

And maybe it's that prior to buying this house, we've only ever known living in a 980sf apartment and then a 1640sf ranch in the city, but we knew moving into this house that however many kids we ended up having, we wanted them all sleeping upstairs with us and would plan to use the other bedrooms as a guest room and play room.

So when we found out we were pregnant, we asked Ryan if he would like to move into the big empty room upstairs or turn his current room into a big-boy room. He was so cute walking around the empty room and only thought for a few seconds before saying he'd like to move into the big room and give his baby sister his old room.

(before picture of Ryan's big-boy room)

The previous owners used this space for entertaining and as a playroom, which we never really understood. There was/still is a french door as the main door to the room, and there was a rack left on the wall for a large TV, and the now-closet space was a wet bar with granite countertops, cabinets, an ice maker, a mini-fridge and a microwave.

We don't ever plan to move from this house, but we couldn't really imagine a time in any stage of life where we would actually hang out with people in the upstairs room, nor did we want any of our kids' rooms outfitted with a wet bar ;) we asked our new favorite contractor and handyman to help us turn the room and mini-kitchen into a bedroom with a closet.

It was fun having the contractors here working on Ryan's new room and showing him his future closet and getting him excited about the move.

I wish I thought to get a picture of Ryan with them, they are seriously the best and were so sweet to let Ryan watch them work! If you're local to Atlanta and want their info, I'd be more than happy to share it- just shoot me an email! {}

After the closet was finished and Ryan's furniture was delivered, we made some trips to Home Goods and Hobby Lobby to pic out a few new things for his walls, and I tried to talk up the move to his new room and big boy bed as often as possible to get him excited.

Side note, it was pretty funny when we took one of our trips to Home Goods looking for things for the walls for his room... he kept finding new toys and saying, "I think this would be great for the carpet in my room!" and "I think this could be fun in my new room!" Sweet buddy. That's when I remembered he's 2, and buying things for the walls of his future bedroom doesn't really resonate or hold his interest, ha.

I'll try to link as much as I can, and if you have any questions about where anything else came from, feel free to ask. You can either leave a comment below or email me {}.

"R" Sign- Hobby Lobby
Shelves next to "R"- Target
Rug- IKEA (no longer in store but available on Amazon)
Book case (used as a bench) and baskets- IKEA
Pillows- IKEA (gray covers also from IKEA, car cover fabric from Hobby Lobby)

Duvet and Insert- IKEA
Basketball, football & baseball wall art- Hobby Lobby

Teepee- Target

Climb Trees Sign- Home Goods

Baseball lamp- Hobby Lobby

Ryan's furniture came from Sander's Furniture in Winder, GA. I highly recommend using Tommy Sanders to help you find whatever furniture you need for your home! He has helped us make our house feel like a home over the last several months. He is great!

Ryan loves his new room and has been taking some of his books into his new baby sister's room for her to read when she arrives. :) He seems to totally get that this is his new space and that his old room will be used by her soon. I'm glad we made the shift early on in this pregnancy so his old room didn't still feel like "his," and I'm so thankful that he has seemed to love his big boy bed and room as much as he has. 

Also, one of my favorite parts about still having the french door on his room is being able to peek in and see him sleeping at night. Some nights he likes to read with his lamp on and then turns it off when he's ready to go to sleep, so stepping out of his room and seeing him flip through books with the light from his baseball lamp melts my heart. Sweet buddy is growing up so fast but still seems so little too. :)

Next week I'll share the pictures from Ryan's old room which is now set up as Baby Girl's nursery!

We can't wait to have all 3 of these rooms filled in just a few short weeks! 


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  1. I wonder if they used it as an entertainment area for older kids/teenagers. We have a loft upstairs that I can envision using in the same way someday. I think it's similar to using a basement rec room and not really that odd. But the room looks gorgeous!