Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sea Pines Vacation {part 2}

If you missed part 1, you can find that here.

We are easing into being back home after last week's vacation. Sweet Ryan keeps talking about daddy and looking at pictures of him like he's overseas for an undetermined amount of time, and not just at work until dinner tonight. Bless his little daddy's boy heart.

This morning we met some friends at the pool, and he was confused about why we couldn't go to the beach too. I hear you buddy. I would love for the beach to be a 15 minutes car ride as well.

Nevertheless, we are so thankful for summer, a great week of vacation, and more fun trips to come!

Here's the rest of the recap from last week's trip. And it's worth mentioning that if it weren't for my awesome sis-in-law, I would have maybe 7 pictures from our trip. So thank you, Karen, for documenting so well for all of us!

One afternoon we had three deer roaming in our backyard. I happened to snap a pic right as one of them jumped over the walkway. I wished the kids were awake so my over-excitement could have been more justified. ;)

Ryan riding Charlie the pony
And sweet Natalie waiting patiently in her carrier :)

Trolley! Dream come true for this little guy

Beach ready... but clearly nap ready as well- I think he lasted 30 minutes before requesting milk & stories time. ;)

Cousins on the beach!

love her look of concern and spit up all over her little chin

We loved searching for sand crabs!

On our last morning, Ryan and I took a bike ride to the bakery- one last adventure before heading home.

Thank you Mimi and Papa for such a great trip! We already can't wait for next year. :)

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See you then!


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  1. That place looks beautiful! Can't get enough of Natalie's sweet smile!!