Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life Lately

This week is flying by for us! Tomorrow is already Friday and the start of a long weekend for Matt, so the four of us (Tal included) will be doing our happy dance come tomorrow afternoon!

Here's a quick look at what we've been up to this week:

This little miss posed for me for a 4th of July baby photo contest that a friend of mine was holding on the Mom's on Call Facebook page. And when I say "posed," I mean I laid her on top of a table at the pool for 3 seconds and snapped this pic before jumping in with her and Ryan. Love her quick, little-tongue-out smiles. ...I'm not sure who the winner is yet, but surely we can all agree it should be Natalie, right?! ...Kidding. Kind of of. ;)

Summer playing is hard work. And Tal is ready to take full advantage when that spoon falls out of Ryan's sleepy hand.

Oh these two! Her knight in shining armor carrying a sword in one hand and rescuing her paci with the other. 

Sometimes I look at him and love that he still looks little. ...Walking around with his teddy bear and a special treat mint that makes his day when he gets one. Sweet buddy.

I didn't want to forget this little moment where Ryan jumped in the pool, swam over to a good of kids and said, "Hi friends! Nice to see you!" I asked him to look at me and give me a thumbs up. :)

Girlfriend wearing #123 of her #136 bathing suits. ;)

On Saturday, Natalie and I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine while Matt and his mom took Ryan to Touch-a-Truck
Caught in the back of a police car with Mimi!

PEEK! This little lady learned how to roll over this week!

Pool day with Nonna and Papa! Ryan had a blast jumping off of the diving board.
Nonna and Nah-ni* :)
*Ryan's name for Natalie (and now what we all call her)

He must have jumped off of that board a hundred times!

My view on our walks :)

Talking with the ducks on our morning outing

Natalie also sat in the bumbo for the first time this week and Ryan (despite the look of confusion in this pic- hah) thought it was the coolest thing that he got to sit next to her. So much so that when we went to visit a friend's house, he asked to bring Nah-ni's seat with us!

In this moment, one was practicing juggling, one was practicing rolling, and one was practicing not eating all the toys.

Matt took a trip to Marshall's this week to get some little surprises for Ryan's upcoming birthday and wanted to give him one of them- a Finding Nemo puzzle- early. Ryan was SO excited! Here he is talking all about "Doe-wee" (Dory) and Ma-win (Marlin) and Memo (always with an "M") :)

We visited Andrea earlier this week and this sweet guy helped give Natalie her bottle! Love the look on his face. And Natalie's, haha.

This sweetness. Ryan loves helping with Natalie's baths. As I said when I posted this picture on Instagram this week, if he was allowed to pick her up, I'm pretty sure he would ask to do this without me every night. Love the way he loves her!



  1. Your family is so sweet! Love Natalie's little bathing suit. My girl is 3 1/2 months and started sitting in the bumbo for short amounts but she is a roly poly ha! She is already in 9 months clothes and her legs have to be kind of jammed in because they're roof at for the leg openings. Then when I go to get her out of it, the whole thing comes with her and I have to try to manipulate it to get her legs out. #goodtimes

    1. That should say they are too fat. Sigh autocorrect.

    2. That is too funny! My son was the same way. I love a chunky baby!