Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Life Lately

Oh life lately. One day I will look back on these posts and remember these sweet, full days. Someone told us once that the early years with kids require more physical energy, while the later years require more emotional energy. So even though sleep is not as solid as it could be and some days starts earlier than I may like, I'm reminding myself that putting forth extra physical effort is probably way easier than what lies ahead. ...And man are these babies of ours sweet!  Here's a look at what we've been up to lately:

That tiny hiney and tongue! Love my girl so much

This big buddy sent his first thank you note this week :)

Helping me prep my tomatoes for slicing for our caprese pasta dinner (recipe here)

Play date and popsicles!

Ryan put Matt's glasses on (upside down) :) and looked so much like him I thought!

Love how much he loves her
This was my first attempt at a pool play date since having Natalie and it went better than I was expecting! Can't wait til she's big enough to sit up in the water too :)
There's something about a sleeping boy snuggling with his friends :)

My parents came to visit and watched the kids while we went on a date with some friends. I love how Papa just jumps right into playing with Ryan when he visits!
And then this sweet selfie that Papa sent us made my heart melt- he loves our babies so well!
Quadruple date night thanks to Nonna and Papa!

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  1. My fave picture of big brother & sister is the one of him next to her in the crib & she's looking up all big eyed at him & the selfie of Papa & sleeping Natalie- heart melting. Those are 2 lucky littles you have to have such a living hands on Papa!

    1. Thank you, Erin! They are so lucky! And so are we! :)