Monday, June 20, 2016

Natalie Grace- 4 Months

Oh how we love this sweet, snuggly, loves-to-stick-her-tongue-out girl. She brings us so much joy every day!

4 Month Stats:
12lbs 4oz
25th percentile for both :)

This month, Natalie, or "Nani" (nah-ni) as we've all come to call her thanks to Ryan, has really started focusing on on everything around her- our faces, her hands, toys, Tally. She's starting to take it all in and recognize her people, which has been so fun to see.

She loves when Tally kisses her feet and when we blow raspberries on her belly. She lets out the daintiest little giggle and then waits for you to do it again. It is so sweet!

Girlfriend has spoiled us rotten with her sleep. This month, I decided I would try giving her the paci when she woke up in the middle of the night to see if she was actually hungry or just wanting to suck to fall back asleep. One night she woke up each hour starting around 1am but went right back to sleep when I gave her her paci.  After that night, she started sleeping all night without even waking for her paci! BLESS HER!

She's our little go-with-the-flow angel. We try to make sure she gets at least one good nap in her crib each day, but aside from that, she often sleeps on the go. In fact, I've been teaching Ryan about "thinking about Nani" when she falls asleep in the car since she's so sweet to come everywhere with us, even when she's tired. ;) Ryan will peek in her carrier and say, "Sweet girl's sleepin" and will switch to a whisper voice when he wants to tell me about all of the passing dumpers, mixers, and fire trucks on the road. Love his little heart for her!

Here's a look a Natalie's past month, including her first little vacation:

Memorial Day :)

Beach Baby!

Ryan talking on his play phone and Nani listening to every word :)

The concentration- I love it

We love you, sweet girl!



  1. Natalie is so precious & I love her look of concentration and the best part of the concentration look is that it's a full face effort involving her eyes & her tongue is in on the action too!

  2. She is darling. And I love how Ryan is reacting to her.