Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Life Lately

Our first little getaway since Ryan was born!

This boy. Matt and I are so proud to call him our nephew! He was one of 11 students out of over 73,000 applicants in the state of Georgia to be selected to go on the field during halftime of the Falcons game. Not only that, the coordinator of the program made a point of calling Noah's PE teacher the Monday after the game to say how well mannered and appreciative he was. It makes me cry right now just thinking about it! So, so proud of him!
There they are waving from mid-field!
My sister's whole family- I wouldn't be surprised if Maddox gets the same recognition in a few years. Those boys are the sweetest! :)

We've taken many-a-trip to PBK in the past 6 weeks as we've finalized bedding or Baby Girl's room (it is FINISHED!!!). This buddy boo LOVED the cash register that they had out for the kids to play with! He loved to "pess!" all of the buttons and watch the drawer pop out. :)

Lunch break with my big boy! This is the first time he sat in a big boy seat while we ate. So grown up!

Christmas music class with Aunt Dre and Reynolds and Ryan was all about sitting with Aunt "Day" ...although in this pic Reynolds doesn't seem like he's too sure about sharing his mama. ;)

I needed a few things at Trader Joe's so thought I'd let Ryan do the shopping for us with one of their little carts. And boy did he eat it UP! Once he masters looking at where he's going, I'm pretty sure I could wait in the parking lot for him while he gets what we need. ;) ;)

Loving on his baby :)

Ryan's two favorite outside activities right now are looking for sticks for Tally and pointing out where all of Tally's poop is for us to clean up. He takes the job very seriously, haha.

Reading with my buddies at Aunt Dre's house :)
And Sweet T reading to them in her room! Ryan LOVES "TT" :)

Andrea had an idea to let me borrow this light-up pumpkin toy to keep Ryan awake for our drive home. It worked for about two minutes. ;)

Christmas at Nonna and Papa's! 
(more pictures here)

Lunch dating with my big boy at Nordstrom's Bistro Cafe :)

Last week we went to the Atlanta Botanical Garden's Night of Lights and Ryan LOVED it! He let us hold him long enough for this picture and then was OFF!

He loved all of the toy trains, and every time one passed, he would say, "mooor" (more) :)

A few more pictures of the rest of the Nelsen gang 
Riding the train at the zoo!

First movie! Charlie Brown Christmas

I got this text while at a baby shower this past weekend. Matt and Ryan were at Party City (in PJs) and Ryan found a Minion hat that he was super excited about. HA!

The best little hider there ever was ;) This boy loves to hide and loves to be naked. He cracks us up when we tell him to hid and he leans his head against a wall and closes his eyes. Goodness this is a fun stage. 

Sweet boo spit up out of no where when he was running around naked after bath, so we stuck him in the sink to clean him off and he loved it, ha.

Neighbor pizza date! We have 5 houses all next to each other and 2 toddlers, 2 new borns, and 2 babies due in 2 months. We love our little street!


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  1. His little hat with ears is just too much cute, I could eat him up!