Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Family Fun Update

Here we are, into the week of Christmas already!

I'm so glad we planned ahead for some fun events for our family because this month has flown by just like we knew it would!

Rather than sharing a long post at the end of this month, I figured I would share some pictures of the most recent activities we've checked off of our December to-do list.

Botanical Gardens Night of Lights
We took this trip with Matt's mom, sister, and her family and had so much fun chasing Ryan from one section to the next. ;) The two sections he "rested" at the longest were the trains and the fire- he loved helping Matt roast a marshmallow!

Sweet Riley girl giving snuggles to her mama!

Botanical Gardens Day Trip
Karen and I wanted to take a day trip through the gardens as well so we could see the trains and decorations in the daylight. We picked the most perfect Spring day ;) and had a great time letting the kids run around with way less people than were there for the Night of Lights.

Gingerbread House & Hot Chocolate
Matt and I knew we wanted to do this with Ryan this year but weren't sure how much he would actually be able to help. But to our surprise, he did a great job sticking the candies on the house and not eating them! We let him decorated the front and back of the house and the snowmen and Christmas trees- he did such a great job! And P.S., on the note of Gingerbread houses, a friend of mine taught me the trick of using hot glue to stick the sides together. It was SO much easier than trying to keep the sides together with icing!

This was Ryan's first time trying hot chocolate. He loved it! And I love the way he's admiring his house in the picture. :)

He loved the carrot nose on his snowman mug. :)

Chick-Fil-A's Rock Ranch
Matt found this spot when he was searching for fun Christmas things for us to do as a family this past Saturday. They have all different activity options at various prices, but we chose to just do the general admission which included a wagon ride through the lights. When Ryan's a little older, we may go back for the Santa visit and cookie decorating and everything else they offer. For this year, the little wagon ride was perfect.

Ryan heard some other kids ho-ho-ho-ing and when we told him that's what Santa says, he was all about ho-ho-ho-ing for the rest of the night. :)

More ho-ho-ho-ing

The wagon ride dropped us off in front of a barn with 5 or 6 tractors and a life size nativity.

Which of these things is not like the other? :)

Still left on our list is visiting a live Nativity, which we will do on the morning of the 24th after the Christmas Even (morning) church service; taking a trip to Snow Mountain, which is planned for the 27th; making a Christmas ornament (if you follow us on Instagram, you saw that the first one majorly failed, hah); trying candy canes; riding the Pink Pig; and making Christmas cookies! 

There's still so much left to do! But this is my kind of to-do list. :)

Today, Ryan and I are heading to my mom's house for a couple of days to have more Christmas fun with my parents and my sisters' boys who are visiting them too. A two-night sleepover with Noah and Maddox- Ryan is going to be beside himself. 

Let's all pray he sleeps through the night and doesn't call out for me multiple times wanting to dance and play with his people like he did on our last sleepover at Nonna's. ;) This boy does not want to miss a minute of fun.

Hope this week finds you enjoying the last few days of this Christmas Season and that you can find time to relax and soak in the Gift of this season amidst all of the preparation for the big day!

Merry Christmas, friends!


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  1. His ho-ho-ho face is hilarious. Y'all made a great dent in your list!