Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ryan's Visit(s) with Santa

We didn't really intend for Ryan to sit on Santa's lap more than once this year, but by the time everything was said and done, the little guy visited the big guy 3 times!

The first visit was a trial run of sorts and looked like this:

Poor guy. He was so excited as he was waiting and walking up there with Noah and Maddox... not so much when we put him on Santa's lap. Even Santa looks concerned, hah.

But then we talked about Santa, we read about Santa, and we waved at Santa any time we were shopping at the mall... and the more we talked about him, the more comfortable Ryan got.

So the second visit with his cousins looked like this:
Sweet Riley girl! was her first visit ;)

And then his third "official" visit that we had planned from the beginning turned out to be okay too:
His little crossed hands means he's still not totally sure, but as long as he can see us, he knows he doesn't have to cry. Sweet guy.

Both of our mom's came for Ryan's official visit with Santa and we made sure to get lots of pictures while we waited:

a little coloring while he waited


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  1. How precious is the last visit!! Oh my gosh so cute!! Next year you'll have two!! I can't wait for Christmas next year with a little one!! :)