Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ten on the 10th: What Ryan (and Tally) are getting for Christmas

Baby Girl will be here in the next 9-ish weeks, but for now, it's all boys and me in our house. :)

Yes, Tally is our dog, but we often refer to him as the first born because he acts like a person and we have treated like our child since the day we brought him home. 

We're those crazy dog people. And we're totally aware of it.

So they both have a stocking, and they both get presents on Christmas Day.

Here is Ryan playing with his toys last year on Christmas morning:

And here is Tally:

And here they are together... because we just couldn't resist:

Last year for Ryan we followed this little rhyme for his gifts:
Something he wants
Something he needs
Something to wear and
Something to read

You can read my post on what we got him last year here.

This year, I just couldn't make the little rhyme work with everything we wanted to get for him, so instead, we thought of some things he would really enjoy and either got them for him from us or shared the ideas with family.

Tally gets the same thing every year- a stocking full of toys and treats, so he's easy. ;)

Ryan has been really into all kinds of sports in the last couple of months and really doesn't have any sports-related toys, so we thought this would be the perfect gift to get him from us.

Matt really wanted to get this football for Ryan. The little holes help him catch it and the size is just right for his little hands. The two of them will have a lot of fun playing with this together!

Ryan loves playing with doctor kits at his little friends' houses, so we got him his own little set to have at home. And the price for this set was too good to pass up!

Okay so I themed a gift a for our 16 month old and got him a book to go along with his doctor kit. And then I got him the stuffed animal to go along with the book. Because he LOVES Daniel Tiger and because that's what happens when you start buying gifts on Amazon and they offer you recommendations at the bottom of the page. :)

It's a 7-inch stuffed animal and was $6.95. I mean how could I not?!

Ryan loves lift-the-flap books and this Bible had great reviews on Amazon. I feel like a lot of the Bible stories we have for Ryan are too wordy for his age, so we're excited to read this one with him and let him lift all of the flaps as he learns about the stories.

Tal loves a good squeak toy and KONG toys usually last a little longer than 60 seconds for our Golden who loves to rip his toys to shreds the minute he gets them.

These large plush toys have 10+ squeakers in them. Tal makes a game out of tearing out every last one of them, which really makes the $10 it costs to buy it seem silly, but it's Christmas. ;)

Nylabones last a long time and are safer for them to chew on than rawhide bones. Plus it said "fresh breath" so I figured why not give it a try?!

These are GREAT! They really do keep your dogs teeth white and keep you from paying a crazy amount at the vet to have their teeth cleaned.

Tal will get a few other little toys from T.J. Maxx, which is my other favorite place to by him toys for cheap. They usually have a section of toys $3 and under that are perfect for dogs like Tally who tear through them anyway.

And one last thing before I go...

Last night, we went to the Botanical Gardens Night of Lights and had a BLAST! Ryan stayed in our arms long enough for one family picture and then was off to races going from one section to the next.

When we got home, Matt and I were reading him stories and singing songs like we always do, thinking that even though it was late we would keep his little bedtime routine the same, and the sweet boy told us he just wanted to get in his crib. :)

Anyway, since a few of you commented on my bag when I posted this picture on Instagram, I wanted to share that I just ordered it and LOVE it! It is technically a diaper bag but I love the cross-body option, the number of pockets and zippers, and the space it has for everything on the inside. Plus it's a fun pattern and is so affordable! If you're in the market for a new bag, you can check it our here.

Also, if you missed my lasagna for TWO recipe I shared yesterday, you can find that here.



  1. I have to say. I got to #7 and thought "I can't wait to read her explanation on why Ryan needs this...wonder if Reynolds does?!?" 😂😂

    1. Hahha, but you know they'd love it, right?! That is funny!

  2. And again, that bag! Love it! Do you think it would work if I told P we need another babe because there's this super cute diaper bag I want now?!? Yes?

    1. Hahhaha perfectly logically reason to have another baby!! And it might at least get you the bag as a compromise for now. ;) ;)

  3. I can't believe how much difference a year makes & how little Ryan was last year, I mean I know babies grow but to see it-wow! Great gifts you picked, I'm sure he'll love them all and Tally too!!

    1. That's exactly how we feel! It doesn't seem possible that he's changed that much in a year! Hope you're having a great December, Erin!

  4. Love that bag! And I am the exact same way with my dog AND my cats. They have their own stockings from Pottery Barn and they are filled on Christmas morning and we make a big deal about what Santa brought them. Hahaha..... It's just love :) Jake will for sure have some toys with lots of squeeks and maybe Santa will bring him some special treats hah :)

    1. Thanks, girl! And I'm glad we're not the only ones!! :)

  5. I love this! I just wrote up Caleb's wish list for Monday's post and there are things on Ryan's list that I was really thinking about putting on Caleb's. You'll have to let me know how the T-Ball Set goes. Caleb has a set of "golf clubs" and thinks they are the greatest so I'm sure he would love this too. And I love Tal's gifts. Our two fur monsters destroy squeaky toys too so I'm thinking I'll get them each a big rope this year, that might last us a little bit longer. And yes on the Greenies! Love them! Been a fan of them for at least 10 years and have given them to all of my dogs.

    I can't believe your little girl will be here in about 9 weeks. Seems like time is flying by! :)

    1. If you haven't already, check out Elk Antlers for your dogs. They aren't cheap but they last a lot longer than regular bones. We got one for Tally in September and he still have some of it left. And Ryan is getting a little set of golf clubs from his aunt! This stage is so fun, isn't it?! Can't wait for y'all to find out what you're having with baby #2- time IS flying by!