Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our first solo getaway since becoming parents

Matt and I just got back from our first solo getaway since Ryan was born, and it was SO nice!

Leading up to the trip, we were both excited about going, but it wasn't until we were there that we realized how much we really needed it.

We love our time with Ryan so much that we hadn't really ever thought about how we are always "on" when we're with him.

Getting away just the two of us was such a relaxing time to just be and not focus on anyone or anything else. It felt like we were dating again!

We were going to eat breakfast before we left and then thought, "Wait a minute! We have no schedule! This drive can be as long as we want it to be!" So we got breakfast on our way and talked about how much we were looking forward to the trip ahead. Well that and life insurance, so maybe it wasn't exactly like we were dating again ;)

One other stop on the way to take in the mountain views- there is nothing like being in the mountains in the Fall.

We were gone for just one night, but as refreshed and relaxed as we felt, you would have thought we stayed for at least half a week.

We went to The Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, NC and it was amazing!!

Because we were celebrating our anniversary, they gave us a free upgrade- and whoa was our room nice:

The tiles floors in the bathroom were heated, the shower had five (FIVE!) shower heads, there was a clawfoot tub with mineral bath salts (yes you better believe I used that tub twice in less than 24 hours), a fire place in the living area, a super comfortable bed with black-out curtains, and cookies, roses, and champagne waiting for us in the room when we arrived. SO, so nice!

First stop- a cute little coffee shop in downtown. I had big plans to stay awake for our whole day and make it through dinner (a later reservation- what a rarity these days!) and dessert without falling asleep at the table, so a cup of coffee was the perfect first treat of our trip.

We had a light lunch at a cute little sandwich shop, and I just loved this little sign on the wall:
No Wifi
Talk to each other!
Call your mom!
Pretend it's 1993!

Love it :)

After our lunch, we went back to our room and sat by the fire in the living room and read our books and magazines- I read and wrote new recipes while Matt caught up on sports. Ahhhh- so relaxing!

Then Matt went for a workout at the fitness center while I read more recipes and enjoyed my first bath. I had four Southern Living magazines to catch up on and now have tons of new recipes I want to make!

That night we had dinner at a restaurant called Madison's (highly recommend!) and they had rose petals waiting on the table for us. Who knew that mentioning it was our anniversary in the reservation would carry over to so many sweet accommodations?!

That crab cake appetizer- Mmm Mmmm.

And that dessert. The one on the left is mine. Yeah the table of six near us shared it, but since Matt doesn't like chocolate, I had to tackle to whole thing on my own. ;)

Nonna and Papa were the best to watch Ryan for us while we were gone. He had a great time with them and did so well the whole time we were gone, with made being away so much easier!

We've already decided we'd love to take the same trip next year- the perfect one-night, two-day getaway right before Thanksgiving. And next year we'll have two little loves to come home to when we return! (Okay, three counting Tally) ;)



  1. we took our getaway a little earlier than you, but have recently done a one-night staycation in town...isn't it crazy how one night with no one else's schedule to think of can make such a difference? my brain felt so free!

    1. Yes! We definitely feel refreshed! Might have to make it a more than once a year thing. ;)

  2. Aww!! What a sweet place! Glad you & Matt enjoyed it and eachother!
    Ted & I are going to Vermont for our "babymoon/anniversary" I'm so excited to get away with him before the baby and will for sure be mentioning the reason for our visit! Who doesn't love special treatment!! :)

    1. Ahhh Vermont!! You lucky northeasterner you ;) That is definitely on my list! And I bet it is gorgeous this time of year! You guys will have so much fun. The Babymoon is such a sweet time!

  3. This is so sweet! What a beautiful trip you took.

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad we were able to make it happen before we have another little one in the mix!