Sunday, November 22, 2015

Life Lately + a WINNER!

We've been fighting off a whole lot of sickness around here lately, but in between the long nights and sometimes-tough days, there have been a whole lot of sweet moments too.

Here's a look at what we've been up to lately:

I love my mornings with this little guy. He has made so many games out of these blocks. They are my new favorite gift to give for 1-2 year olds! On this particular morning, he decided he would get inside the box that holds all of them. :)

All in one day, Ryan decided that he wanted to wear his backup around the house and asked to sit on the potty to go "poo poo." And while he has not actually done anything on the potty, it is his new nightly routine to ask to sit on the potty for around 10 seconds, and then tell us he's all done and clap. This buddy. #pleasedonttrypottytrainbeforeFebruary #oranytimesoonafter

In 15 months of his little life, this has never happened. We had a fun-filled morning playing at the park with some friends and this sweet guy fell asleep on the way home, stayed asleep while I carried him in (with his head on my shoulder- melt) AND while I changed his diaper. He was OUT.
So one of Ryan's new favorite words is "a-MEN!" He uses it at the funniest times, but on this particular afternoon, we were driving home from the mall, he was sucking on his big toe, and in between loud sucking sounds he was shouting, "a-MEN!" Somebody is thankful for big toes.

Reading books with Aunt Dre!
This was just another Friday night. Piggy back rides through the house with daddy... and his spoon.

Bath time with Noah and Maddox on our sleepover night!

Tasting Nonna's chocolate birthday cake

The first thing he wanted to play with in the morning was his "tak-tor." I love being a boy mom. :)
Chillin in his car. In his pjs. 

The weather was so nice on this day. We played outside for a couple hours and for part of that time, Ryan walked himself over to the fire pit, climbed in the chair, and just relaxed. Sweet buddy. 

Nonna came into town earlier this week to help me out in a pinch and ended up staying the night, going with us to back-to-back doctor visits within one hour, driving me to pick up my car from the shop, AND insisting that Matt and I go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. She is the SWEETEST Nonna there is. And Ryan just adores her!

I took this pic on our second dr. visit that happened less than an hour after the first. On our drive home, my mom and I noticed that one side of Ryan's face was red and had raised bumps all over it. He hadn't eaten anything new or had new medicine, so we went straight back to the doctor. They were so great. They took us right back to the room and determined that his hives (first time he's ever had them so I had no idea what was happening) were a reaction to his virus. They gave him some Benedryl and they were gone by the time we left. So thankful for my pediatrician and that my mom was there to go with me! 

I noticed toward the end of one of Ryan's naps that his monitor screen went black and couldn't figure out what happened. When I snuck in his room to see what happened, this is what I found. Now that his bumpers are off, he figured out he has access to the cord, which means mama needs to find a new spot for it and cover up those plugs!

Tricks of a one year old: figuring out how to get one arm out of your pjs. :)

Ryan and I met Matt and his mom for lunch this week and Matt suggested I go with the ribs because I was eating for two and they had won all kinds of awards. So when they brought out our plates, I had about 3 times the amount of food as him and his mom. Hahah! I thought it was embarrassing and hilarious, so I took a picture. And yes, they were GOOD.

Just a little peek-a-boo while we waited at a red light... that tongue :)

Yesterday we celebrated this sweet girl's first birthday! It's hard to believe that one year ago she surprised (and scared) us all with her 6-week-early arrival. One year later you would have no idea she came as early as she did. We love our little niece so much!

And the winner of the Usborne Books & More giveaway is:

Congratulations, Sara! You and your little guy will love the book that is heading your way!

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Happy Thanksgiving week, friends!


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  1. What a great update! Your little man and family is just adorable.