Monday, November 2, 2015

My favorite Halloween to date

I knew this would be true, but holidays are so much fun with kids!

I've honestly never been a huge fan of Halloween, but that all changed this year.

Dressing Ryan up and teaching him how to get treats and say thank you for them and watching his face as he saw all of the other kiddos dressed up in their costumes... ahhh it was so much fun.

Halloween just jumped WAY up on my favorite holidays list.

We kicked the morning off with a Halloween breakfast at Andrea's house. That bottom right picture of Ryan and Reynolds looking at each other makes me laugh.

Later that day, we went over to Matt's sister's house and joined them for their neighborhood party and trick-or-treated with them. Mimi and Papa came too!

Karen MADE Jackson's hat. Amazing! How cute are they?!


Ryan went down this slide, head first, all by himself at least 30 times. :)

Very first house:

When Matt and I were getting reading to walk Ryan to his first house, Mimi had the idea to video it for us! I'm so glad she thought of that!

He loved visiting all of the dOges at the houses :)
Trick or treating like a pro ;)

He usually got distracted on the way to each house :)
So still in Matt's arms- he was tired!

Little Bear is about done with trick or treating. :)
His face!'s so hard to dress up and get candy at all of these houses after playing on the playground for an hour. Life is just tough when you're one. ;)



  1. Ahhhh, it's just ALL so precious!!!

  2. That's the cutest brown bear I ever did see!

  3. He's such a cute baby bear! And those little feet!

  4. Agreed, Halloween is so much more fun now as a parent! Loved the picture of MiMi reading the Toys R Us catalog to them, I remember Canon carrying that thing around all fall last year! What memories!