Monday, April 1, 2013

Friday, Saturday... EASTER!

On Friday, we got together with Kemble and Ashley and had dinner at Houston's. Matt and I hadn't been to Houston's in forever! Crazy enough, there are three within 5 miles of our house (Atlanta is so strange!), but we just never think to go! The food is SO good!

Kemble introduced us to a new favorite appetizer, grilled artichokes. YUM!

It looks gross, but I promise it is delish.

On Saturday, we got to go on our first walk since my ski debacle. My PT doc gave me the go-ahead for walking at my appointment on Thursday. I think 3 miles was a little over eager, but I finished! I kinda felt like a contestant on Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition for the last 1/4 mile. I made it to the car though! Small victories. :)

Before and after our walk, Matt had a tennis match- here's some shots from the second one. ...I'll pretend like I look like this when I play. I should get Matt to take pictures of my next match- the comparison would make for a good laugh I'm sure!

After tennis, we got Noah and Maddox's Easter baskets ready for Sunday!

On Easter morning, poor Jackson woke up sick, so Karen and Jay weren't able to go to church and brunch with us. But we got to go over to their house and visit with the 'lil guy before brunch! Even though he wasn't feeling great, we still got a few smiles out of him. :)

Standing like a big boy!

Brunch at Ansley with Matt's parents

Later that day, my family came over for Easter dinner. We got to give the boys their Easter baskets and do an egg hunt in the backyard!

Trying to open the silly string :)

Notice Maddox Ark Ark wishing Nonna Happy Easter. :)

Jeremy being Jeremy :)

Got one!

The big boys hiding the eggs for the little boys

As Noah ran to get this egg, he didn't realize that almost all of his eggs fell out of his basket...

...but Maddox did! HA! Look at that face- Jackpot!

Too cute! Noah didn't get upset- he just laughed and tried to scoop them all up before Maddox! Love them.

Mom put together two photo albums with pictures of my Aunt Barb and Uncle Jay and gave them to my sister and me. We got really choked up looking through the pictures- I'll have to share a post about them one day. They were like second parents to us. They've been gone three years now... so thankful for pictures and memories.

Love this boy! He wanted Ark Ark to have his own seat at the table, but we needed them for actual people ;) ...this was his next suggestion before we compromised on the breakfast bar (with Ark Ark facing Maddox of course). He loves his Ark Ark!

My mom made this AWEsome cake! She is so great! The boys loved it! (And so did we!)

Hope you all had a Happy Easter!


  1. What a cute cake! Looks like your Easter was perfect. You guys are the most adorable couple!!

  2. Looks like you had a fab time, the cake is brilliant!


  3. Isn't it fun to watch the kids 'hunt' for eggs? They just get so egg-cited!

    What special gifts your mom gave you guys.

    BTW, I love your monogram pillows. Did you make those?

  4. Looks like you guys had a great Easter! Cute cake :)

  5. Love your photos! It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. I also love your home remodel. Your master bath/ closet is AMAZING!! I am your newest follower from the Weekend Social Mix Blog Hop :)

    Justina @

  6. sweet! Looks like you all had an awesome time Heather! There's nothing like spending time with family friends! Thanks so much for dropping by and linking up...have a blessed weekend!

  7. happy easter to you and your family, heather! you are so pretty - i am loving your easter outfit and hair! your nephews are so loved by you!
    i'm so glad it was a wonderful have a beautiful family!

    love the cake your mom made!
    have a wonderful weekend. <3<3<3

  8. I am glad you all had a Happy Easter Heather. The pictures are beautiful.

  9. That is such a fun cake! I can see you all had a wonderful weekend. I have been to Houston's in ATL. I will take your word for it about that appetizer, lol!