Thursday, April 25, 2013

Big boy baseball

Last Saturday, Matt and I went to the ballpark to cheer on our nephew, Noah, at his baseball game. He's been playing since he was 4 and is such a little stud on the field and at the plate! This was the first year where it felt like we were watching him play "real" baseball (where all of the kids actually stick to their position instead of all try to run to the ball every time it's hit ;) ).

He had a great game! But the best part was listening to him cheer for literally every player on his team when they were at bat, and then, at the end of the game when the coach gave out the game balls, Noah was the only one who was clapping for the two boys whose names were called. He is such. a. sweetie. I just love this boy. :)

Playing Second Base

A hit right up the middle!

Maddox on the playground showing us his "tricks"

When Noah was playing third, I had the perfect angle from an open part of the fence right before the inning was over. ...Right as I go for the shot, he goes for his wedge... classic. :)

Jeremy coaches Noah's team- sweet daddy :)

Back at my sister's house, Maddox wanted a chance to show off his skills ;)

Watching his brother play from the tree :)

Maddox picked these for us...

...and then asked us to "sprinkle" them on him

Maddox was collecting the petals and counting them as he put them in his yellow "petal container"

Ark Ark is his nightly spot between the bars of the chair (to the left of Noah's head) so he is in plain sight of Maddox's seat.

Time to roast marshmallows!


  1. Lots of fun pictures. :) My favorite was the one with Jeremy walking alongside his son. You captured such a beautiful moment. You might think about framing that one for your sister and her husband... It's timeless and truly heart-warming.

    I hope one day, my little boy will play baseball, too. :)


  2. Love all the pictures! I can't wait to go watch a baseball game. So fun!

  3. Baseball fun! Your nephews are so lucky to have you guys. :)

  4. Noah and Maddox are so cute! What lucky little boys to have you and Matt in their life!! So sweet that he picked you flowers! :)
    I hope you're doing well and enjoying the last few days of April! Sending lots of love xoxox

  5. All of these pictures are great, but oh my gosh to the first one in the tree, I love that picture!!