Monday, August 17, 2015

Snapshots from our life lately

It's hard to believe we have a one year old in our house. The amount of growth and change that one year brings is really amazing. Here's a look at some pictures from our last two weeks!

My cleaning helper... of sorts. ;) Trash bags are super fun we learned, so I let him go to town while I cleaned. It's a pretty easy cleanup for the amount of entertainment it provided!

These two follow each other around all day long. They are such sweet buddies. Ryan's new favorite thing is to go snuggle on Tally's bed with him. I was a little grossed out by it at first (that bed is covered with dog hair!), but it's just too cute to not let it happen.

sweet boo.
Ryan loved his birthday celebration at Mimi and Papa's house! Mimi worked really hard on cleaning up the swingset at their house, and it did not disappoint!
Birthday cake, banana pudding style :)

Ryan's first batch of banana bread! It look a little longer and was definitely messier, but this boy loved helping me bake! Recipe here.

First haircut! I love how little he looks in this picture. :)

This sweet buddy has been requested lots of outside time recently. He loves climbing these steps outside of our house and playing with his new car and water table. 
(btw, that's a piece of a toy, not a sucker- ha)

I love watching these two buddies play kitchen together. ;) They are 6 weeks apart to the day and are starting to (sort of) actually play together, ha. Love watching them!
This is Ryan's new car that my friend Andrea gave to him. But before we took it to our house, the kiddos made a carpool line through Andrea's house. Somehow Ryan got the best end of this deal. ;)

Big buddy getting ready for his dinner at Nonna's house and sitting at the big kid table for the first time! I couldn't believe he was actually big enough for it already. And oh that face... this boy loooves him some meal time.

First birthday party! Photos from the day here.

First trip to a Japanese steakhouse! He got a little nervous when the big flame went up but recovered quickly!
Sweet buddy :) Love experiencing these "firsts" with him!

He is loving his new legos that he got for his birthday. I love watching him figure out how to stick them together. This is such a fun age- so much to figure out!

Buddies at the park :)

Snuggle time with Mimi in the pool! I joked with Mimi that Mama was getting a little jealous of those snuggles! They lasted for a good 1-2 minutes! haha.. I'm glad I got a picture of the sweetness while it lasted.

When my mom came into town last week, she let Matt and I have a breakfast date before work- breakfast dates might be my new favorite kind of date!

Oh man I love these pictures. I love having a video monitor mostly because I like watching what Ryan does before he falls asleep and when he wakes up. He loves looking through his books and will chatter through the pages... and then sometimes, he falls asleep in the only space he has left after spreading everything out! Sweet buddy!

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Have a great week, friends!


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  1. Japanese Steakhouses are amazing! I went so many years without enjoying that yummy goodness that now I jump at the chance anytime anyone mentions going for a meal. Glad you guys got him there early in life, my 2 youngest cousins love them some Japanese Steakhouse! And they go for the filet every time, it's great and then after we've all been there the one wants to play 'dinner maker' and it's inevitable that it's a Japanese Steakhouse situation & the only thing they offer is soda and filet, shrimp & rice. So whether you eat filet or not that's what the "waitress" is ordering you- I've learned just to play along & am at least thankful I can get Cherry Coke with my 'filet, shrimp & fried rice' lol.
    All the pictures of Ryan are so cute too!