Friday, July 10, 2015

#nelsendays2015 Weeks 25-27

Yesterday was the first day I didn't post a #nelsendays picture in over one and a half years. That's a lot of daily pictures!

Two nights ago, my phone went for a dip in the tub with Ryan. Wah wah.

So right now, it is turned off and sitting in a bag of rice, and I'm just praying it works and keeps working when I turn it back on. It's a little less than 2 months old. Definitely not an ideal time (if there is one) to break a phone- so here's to hoping it's not really broken!

In the meantime, I have to say, it's kind of nice to be disconnected. Having the ability to gain instant information (weather, time, quick responses through text messages, what's going on in the lives of people I don't even know or see in real life) might actually be more of a curse than a blessing. But that's a soap box for another day I suppose. And let's be honest, I'm 2 days into this little experiment that is lasting 3 days (hopefully... if my phone doesn't turn on, it may be a lot longer), so this little hiatus is easier to appreciate than if my access was stripped permanently. ;)

In the meantime, here's a look at what we've been up to for the last 2-3 weeks:

Day 169:
In case it's not obvious, Ryan and Tally are pretty huge Nonna and Papa fans. And I think the feelings are mutual. ;)

Day 170:
What a fun night we had celebrating Noah turning 10 (someone hold me while I bawl) and Papa being the best stepdad anyone could ask for.

It was also the last get-together at my sister's house, which was the house that the three of us lived in together when we were, as I like to say, "growing up" together. So many great memories in that house. We all met and dated our future husbands while living in that house, and it was the last place the three of us lived together. A bitter-sweet (but mostly sweet) goodbye for sure.
Day 171:
Pizza night with my two favorite men- the big one's behind the camera.

Day 172:
Father's Day- I can't imagine there being a better dad than this guy right here. Ryan has recently boycotted all words but "dada." (And Tal Tal) Anything that makes him happy (including me) is "Dada." All throughout the day, when it's just the two of us at home, he'll crawl over to me and tap me, and look at me with a big smile and say, "Dada Dada!" And the minute the door opens when Matt gets home, Ryan crawls at lightening speed chanting, "dadadadada" until he gets to Matt- the. sweetest. thing. ever.

Day 173:
Park day with these sweet boys!

Day 174:
This face. hahah, if it was socially appropriate, this face and sound (use your imagination and think high, loud, and super irritated) would be added to my repertoire of verbalized emotions on days that are just off. Cause somedays, you just wanna be done and start again the next morning.
Day 175:
Pool day with Aunt Karen and cousins!

Day 176:
When Ryan wakes up from his nap, Tally always comes with me to get him. And Ryan gets super giddy to see him, and even attempts to play pek-a-boo (right picture is him popping up and saying, "eeek!"), although he doesn't really get that since Tally is lower than him, the "peek" part would switched. hahah, Tal doesn't seem to mind. ;)

Day 177:

Day 178:
Visiting the neighborhood geese and attempting a group photo with with 6 littles. :)

So thankful for these sweet friends!

Day 179:
Heading home after a full and fun weekend.

Day 180:
Lunch date with my favorite little man!
Day 181:
Play date! Sweet Reese and Rowen were not quite sure what to do with the tornado that was Ryan on this play date. Rowen (the little sis) would just watch him (in awe or confusion, one) and sweet Reese tried her best to share and keep organized control of her belongings at the same time. And Ryan of course was just clueless. So I herded and helped out the girls as much as I could. ;)

Day 182:
Pool day! The window between naps is not a long one, but we managed some swimming and a picnic lunch before going our separate ways again. So thankful for friends that live close!

Day 183:
Ryan got to try his first kids' meal and ice-dream at Chick-Fil-A, and he didn't hate it. And I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing in this picture, but I was apparently excited about it too.

Day 184:
I'm convinced that this pup could teach a class on how to milk an injury for extra attention. I have no idea what he did to his paw, but he was not about to let me and Ryan run any errands without him this day. And his whole time riding in the car was spent in this position. Oh Tal.
Day 185:
4th of July fun at the Peachtree Road Race!

Day 186:
The day after our long 4th, we all took naps and enjoyed a lazy afternoon.

Day 187:
Zoo day! It was so fun to see Ryan get excited about the animals this time. In fact, he cried each time after leaving the first five exhibits... and then I think he caught on to the fact that each time we were heading to see new animals. haha- it was pretty funny.

Day 188:
As I was prepping dinner the other night, I had Ryan on the counter right next to me (our new nightly routine). He usually plays with a spoon or tupperware, but this night, he spotted the Locatelli parmesan that I had just grated into the casserole, and before I could stop him, he grabbed the block and dove right in. He is so my child.

This weekend, Matt is going on a golfing weekend with is dad and Nonna is coming to stay with me, Ryan and Tal! We're looking forward to fun weekend with her!


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  1. SO many cute pictures and so much love and happiness you are surrounded by :)