Thursday, July 30, 2015

Birthday Fun + 12 Month Stats & Photo Shoot

Two days ago, this little buddy turned ONE!

Matt took off for the day so we could enjoy a full day of celebrations.

We started off the morning playing with blocks in the kitchen,

 and then headed out for breakfast at J. Christopher's.

Tal cracks me up in this pic- it's like he knew what we were celebrating and he was being the proud big brother, hahah.

After breakfast, we dropped Tally back at home and headed out to the zoo!

It was HOT which made us all a little tired by the end, so we all took a little snooze when we got home!

After nap, it was time for more playing with blocks and balloons.

Then we picked up a little birthday pastry from Henri's for an afternoon snack.

Later that day, Nonna came to town! We did Ryan's 12 month photo shoot and played some more and then Nonna insisted that Matt and I go out for a dinner date to celebrate Ryan's first year. Love that Nonna so. :)

The next morning, Nonna and I took Ryan to his 12 month appointment and then went to the Aquarium! Sweet boy LOVED seeing all of the fish and made his little fish face every time he saw one.

Sweet boo looked like this each time we left a station- buddy! He loves him some fishies. :)

Photo Shoot:
I don't think I got him looking at the camera for even one of these, haha, but this about sums up how busy and fun he is right now!
Grabbing the camera strap, ha!

He was so proud when he got the sticker off- ha!

Don't eat it? Don't eat it?...

snapping... or trying to :)



  1. He's such a happy boy! I can't believe he is a year old already. I love reading your posts on his updates. I look forward to watching him grow more :)

  2. Looks like Ryan had a great birthday, he is adorable! A x

  3. SO cute! Happy birthday, sweet Ryan!