Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June's Favorite Finds

Well somehow we've reached the end of another month already. This year is flying by!

I'm joining in with Elizabeth from Sam and Scout this morning to share my favorite finds for June. We'd love to hear what you're loving too!

I have a new favorite pasta recipe. And I don't speak those words lightly. We had this for dinner last week and I shared the recipe the next morning. It will definitely be a new staple in our house!

And what's a good pasta without a great wine?! This Mirassou wine is my new favorite red. We've tried their Cab and Pinot and love them both.

I realize this is super random, but since I'm starting with my favorite things in the food category, this has got to be on my list. I am NOT a mustard or honey mustard fan, but THIS brand is delish! We use in with our cheese and crackers as an appetizer before dinner.

These crackers:
plus this cheese:
plus a squirt of Woeber's honey mustard =  perfection.

Or if you want a different taste, switch out the honey mustard for a drop or two of Trader's Joe's Balsamic Glaze:

Either way makes a tasty little pre-dinner treat.

And for one last favorite in the food category, this popcorn from Costco is ridiculously good.
Just trust me. Sweet and savory perfection.

Another new favorite find from Costco this month are their 4-pack of disinfectant wipes:
These smell great and can be used on the bottom of the Swifter. They're my new go-to, quick-cleaning wipe.

And speaking of cleaning, I bought this resolve carpet cleaning system off of Amazon recently and LOVE it. Our house is all hardwood and tile, but I use this on the three rugs that we have and it gets up the dirt and Tally-hair that the Roomba leaves behind. And it goes without saying that the Roomba should be on my Favorite Finds list EVERY month- that thing will never lose its luster.
You can find the Resolve cleaner here- currently $15 off!- and the Roomba here- currently $40 off!

Ryan loved drinking out of my Camelbak so I recently bought him his own. I love that they make kid-sized ones! My camelbak is my favorite water bottle. I feel like I drink so much for water throughout the day when I drink out it. 

You can find the kid-sized ones here, and the one that I have here

My friend Laura was wearing this super cute cross-body bag when we met for dinner last week and it made me realize I need to NOT travel with my diaper bag when I'm sans-baby. And even when I'm with Ryan, I love the idea of having my own things in a separate bag that's easy to throw on and small enough to stay out of the way.
(It would have been way cuter if I got a picture of HER wearing the bag- but hopefully this gives you the idea)

Anyway, it's on sale right now and I am definitely getting one for myself! It comes in four different colors, but I'm not super adventurous with my accessories, so I'll be getting the one shown here. You can check out the other colors and orders your here.

And lastly, I've been looking for a tankini to have as an option for pool/beach days when I don't necessarily want to be in a two piece. I was feeing frustrated with how expensive the darn things are until I found this one at Marshalls with matching bottoms for $24.99. BOOM! I also found a super cute cover-up for $16.99. So if you're looking for a new suit or cover-up, check out Marshalls and/or TJ Maxx. They have a great selection and way better prices than the department stores.



  1. I love your love of food! Haha I'm so with you on it! Crackers and cheese are one of my favorites! And thanks for the positive words on the wipes from Costco! I'm going to grab those when I go there this week!
    One of my faves lately has been chex mix! I portion out a little in a snack size bowl after work because I'd eat the whole bag if I didn't!
    Check out my Chicken Marsala recipe tomorrow - you can serve that over pasta and it's so stinkin' good!!

  2. Okay, I'm going to need to try that popcorn! And probably that wine too. I'm loving the cross body bag too--we can match?!?! ;)

  3. It sounds like a weird combo, but cheddar, crackers, and a bit of chutney taste so great together.