Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Nelsen Family Beach Trip 2015

In years past, we traveled to Wild Dunes in Charleston, South Carolina for a week at the beach with Matt's family, but this year, we tried out a new spot- St. George Island in Florida. With our growing families, we knew we would need more space, so Matt's mom found a beautiful house in St. George for us to spend our week. Every bedroom had a balcony with a table and chairs that overlooked the ocean, and we had our own pool to swim in each day when we wanted a break from the beach. Everything about it was so nice!

Each balcony had clear glass instead on spindles which made feeding the birds extra fun.

Each morning, Matt, Ryan and I would take an early morning walk on the beach, and by the time we returned, the rest of the house would be awake. 

Our sweet, smiley little buddy helps us maximize our vacation days ;)

Our view when we opened our eyes each morning- so beautiful!

After returning from our morning walk, we would eat breakfast together, get ready for the beach, and head down for a few hours before coming back in for lunch. Usually, during that first stretch, Ryan would nap at some point, and Matt and I would sit on the patio and talk. It was like a built-in date each morning. :)

A rare morning Coke for this non-coffee drinker

After Ryan's nap, we'd head down to the pool to play before lunch.

On our first day there, he learned how to lift his arms up when someone would say, "How big is Ryan?!" Mimi and Papa had been teaching it to him each time they saw him and it was like reuniting with them made him want to show them that he had figured it out. ;) 

Needless to say, the whole week he would randomly throw his arms up in the air when conversation got quiet or when he wanted to join in on the discussion- the unprompted "Soooo big!" 
He's such a little cheeser. :)

Matt, Mimi, and Jay did cannonballs for Jackson in the pool. I have to say, they were pretty impressive!

Sweet Riley girl!

When she wasn't swimming...

...she was shade-bathing

or posing for the camera ;)

I'm pretty sure Ryan spent most of the week trying to figure out if she was real.

Jackson's daily job was to check for crabs in the pool. And if he spotted one, he and his dad would capture it and release it back on the beach. It was quite the ceremony. ;)

And speaking of the beach, we had some good times there too. A whole week at the beach and not a day of rain- it was amazing!

Our attempt at getting a picture of Ryan and Riley on the beach ;)

Some nights we ate out and other nights we cooked and walked the beach afterward.

I wasn't lying when I said he is a big fan of the "How big is Ryan" trick, whether promoted or not. :)

A sea turtle laid its eggs one of the nights we were there- man do I wish I got to see that turtle walking out to this spot!

Other highlights from the trip included:

kite flying

Riley Girl's first taste of food

snuggling this little princess

cousin bath

Ryan's fascination with his Uncle Jay- I've never seen him stare the way that he does when Jay walks into the room. It was pretty hilarious to witness all week.

Ryan climbing the stairs- 4 flights to be exact- up to our room. Our house is a ranch style, so stairs were a new thing to him, and he was a big fan.

trying to get out to do it all again. ;)


One night at dinner, Ryan kept trying to make conversation with this family, so they decided to take him over to their table for a bit. :) It was really cute because he was initially excited about the new people, and then for the first time we saw him get a little nervous! Matt and I were standing right there but I think he had his first little dose of separation anxiety. Sweet buddy.

Jackson making friends with the "big boys" (who were a part of the family Ryan sat with) on the dock

And the biggest highlight of the trip was spending time with these people:

If I could go back and choose a family to marry into, I would pick this one every time.

Thanks Mimi and Papa for such a fun week!



  1. It's so great that y'all vacation together. Looks like a wonderful trip!

  2. This looks so much fun. I love Ryan's grunts going up the stairs. George just started the same "how big" hands up thing too. His is accompanied by a loud scream to also get your attention or as if he is singing a praise band solo. Little boys are so darn cute!

  3. Your week looked like so much fun! Cousin/family vacations are the best!