Saturday, June 13, 2015

10 Months!

This past month has been SO fun! On top of getting to go on his first two trips, ride on a plane, play in the sand and swim in the pool, Ryan's little personality is really starting to show. He is saying more words, and maybe even cuter than the words he is saying is his attempt at saying words that are way too hard for him and come out as total misses after lots of concentration and effort- i.e. his cousin Jackson is BAAA. Sweet boo.

First plane ride

He loves to "talk" back and forth with repeated silly sounds and has started to initiate interactive games like, "Where is Ryan? PEEK!" and "How big is Ryan? SOOO Big!"

This month he has also started eating whatever we eat for dinner. Sometimes we eat early enough where we all eat together, and other times I make him a separate little bowl for the following night.

 The new meals and foods he's tried this month are:
chicken divan
Jamaican akee
quinoa chips
greek yogurt
string cheese
garlic mashed potatoes
stuffed peppers
mexican lasagna
sweet potato fries
fig bars
Island Soyaki Tilapia
Fig Balsamic Pork Tenderloin

(recipes for italicized meals found here)

Munching on shrimp and scallops in Turks & Caicos
He crawls super fast now and loved getting to climb the stairs at the beach a few weeks ago. He would make it up all four flights of stairs and banter to himself ("ba, sheesh, mmm, ma, dat, dada) the whole way up. Melt.

He has also gotten quite good at pulling up on anything and everything and will take some risks to let go for a few seconds on occasion.

He loves giving kisses and sometimes wipes his tongue all over your mouth when he leans in for a kiss. It is the funniest, cutest thing.

We visited my old school this past month and ate with the teachers in the teachers' lounge
I think Ryan thought he was a celebrity ;)
He loves my teaching buddy Lynn!

Sometimes when I go to get him after nap, he waves hi and I melt.

And speaking of waving hi, the grocery store might be his favorite place to greet people.

He was pretty fascinated by his first pool experience in Turks & Caicos! 
(More pictures of this trip here)
Saying hey on his first walk on the beach. :)

He loved watching the seagulls...
...and checking out the rocks around the resort. ;)

Me and my buddy on Mother's Day. :)

Swinging is one of his favorite things!

And park days make him extra sleepy :)

We visited Great Muggie and Great Papa one last time before they moved.

One Tuesday morning we went to Little Acorns at Avalon and Ryan got to meet Batman. He had so much fun playing and eating that he passed out on our walk back to the car, slept the whole way home, AND transferred to his crib...
...even his little waving hand was sleepy. :)

Open Gym with Grace!

A surprise park visit from daddy! Tal's face- hahah
I love the way he clasps his little fingers over the top. Sweet buddy. :)

This month he's started drinking out of my camelbak and loves it!

Watching the birds- love a nakey baby bottom :)

10 Month Photo Shoot!

Dates to Remember:
5/6- said "mama"
5/7- initiated "peek-a-boo" on plane
5/7- initiated copycat noises "ah"- "ah"
5/8- said "papa"
5/9- "said "up"
5/11- said "dada" (by far his favorite word right now!)
5/14- tried to say "apple"- "apppp"
5/16- "figured out how to clap (golf clap for the first couple of weeks! right hand still and facing up close to his chin and left hand clapping down on it)
5/18- crawled over to me, pulle dup and gave me a kiss multiple times without me asking. Melt.
5/20- "bye bye" when leaving the gym
5/25- did "How big is Ryan?!" all day
5/25- started fake laughing and fake coughing when other people laughed and coughed
5/27- hard laughing when I walked in front of him on the beach and then turned around to say, "PEEK!"


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  1. He looks like a toddler now! I think I have loved this month the best because George's personality is REALLY coming out now that he is on the move and making more sounds. So much fun!